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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Modern Day Shibboleth?

There is a story in the Bible where two areas were at war. They placed guards at a key pass point that asked everyone who came by to say the word "Shibboleth". The enemy pronounced the word wrongly as "Sibboleth" so they then knew to kill them.

The American Thinker has a post that reminds me of that story. Instead of a word, it is a map. According to American Thinker:

The disputed Shebaa Farms area (named on the map as Chebaa Farms) is marked on the map. The map clearly and unambiguously places it in Lebanon. Shebaa Farms is Syrian territory occupied by Israel as a result of its decisive victory in the Six Day War of 1967. The international community, including the United States, considers Shebaa Farms to be Syrian territory.

With the U.N. completely certifying Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, there is no longer any credible claim that Israel continues to occupy Lebanese territory. However, Hezbollah still claims that Shebaa Farms is Lebanese territory, in an attempt to legitimize its “resistance” against Israel. It is very significant that AP’s map places Shebaa Farms in Lebanon, apparently disregarding the almost unanimous opinion of the international community in favor of claims made by Hezbollah.

So basically AP is using a map that is in line with Hezbollah claims. A.T. claims that AP is either being sloppy or attempting to legitamize the violent actions of Hezbollah. I have been told that the Jews control the media and that the media is run by Zionists. All one needs to do is read it to see that the media knocks Israel every chance it gets. There just never seems to be an end to the media siding with the terrorists either.


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