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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Pallywood video

Many others are posting on this, but since it supports some points in my previous posts I wanted to also link to it. It is a video called "Pallywood", which would mix Palistinians with Hollywood. Go to You-Tube here or here and view 18 minutes of footage that clearly shows the deception of the Palistinians and how the media willingly goes along with it by using cut footage. Somebody has gained access to the raw footage which clearly shows a premeditated and orchestrated PR manipulation. The video shows continuous action on the part of Palistinians near an Israeli post to create the appearance of havoc and chaos, as if attacked by the Israelis, and filmed for the consumption of the world body.

Several scenes show the ever ready ambulances that pull up clearly on queue. One scene shows a dramatic firing into a hole in a building. Scenes from the raw footage shows Palestinians walking around in it before. An onscreen map by the narrator shows that the hole in the wall is on the far side of the building that is between them and the Israeli post. Anyone shooting into the hole could not possibly hit anything. Some scenes show military personal being told what to do by civilians in street clothes. Often in between action scenes, people are relaxed and moving freely around. The best scenes, though, are when during a "funeral procession" of an alleged victim of Israel; the victim falls off the stretcher. Instead of being picked up and put back on, the "victim" gets up and climbs back on the stretcher - all captured by an unmanned Israeli drone.

As I have pointed out before, those who would target innocent civilians (regardless of the cause) would certainly have no trouble lying about the facts. They would have no problem staging scenes designed to extract world sympathy, yet devoid of truth. The world is clearly being duped by these who would stop at nothing to get what they want.


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