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Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel throws monkey back on Hezbollah

Israel has made a strategic move from a PR standpoint. The world body seemed to be supportive to tolerant of Israel's response to Hezbollah at the beginning. We were all scratching our heads wondering what that was about. I think some groups are really learning what dupes people are and how to most effectively play the PR campaign. To look so sided against Israel would not be the best tactic. No, they waited until civilian casualties (encouraged by the infamous "skirt hiding" tactics of these "brave" terrorists) mounted. Once that happened, they came out of the woodwork in unison. Kofi did his muppet mouth flapping routine and everybody demanded a cease-fire without the least hint of what it would solve.

There was a new development in Qana where a "safe house" filled with civilians were killed. One would think that after all these years of conflict leaders would be experts at least of what not to do. They put a bunch of people in the first floor of the safe house that has two floors above it. What did they think would happen if a bomb hit? Why do they feel the need to herd people together for "safety"? This smacks of purposeful stupidity to me. There are also reports that Hezbollah had been firing rockets from next door. The locals deny it, but it fits the pattern. Again as a guest anonymous visitor commented on: the world body gets more angry at Israel's accidentally caused civilian casualties than Hezbollah's purposefully caused civilian casualties. We have a very warped world community. If the world community has no moral compass to sort through these things why should the US care when they have a poor opinion of us?

So with the PR tide turning against Israel and the sting of a perceived issue in Qana, Israel decides to agree to a 48 hour suspension of hostilities. If that goes well, they may extend it. Since asking Hezbollah to stop targeting innocent civilians for a significant period of time is like asking a child with A.D.D. to sit still for the duration of a church sermon, in all likelihood Hezbollah will break the suspension. At that point Israel can justifiably continue kicking their rear ends. Since this likely comes from pressure from the US, it will also be another opportunity for the US to dispel the myth that everything can be handled via diplomacy. So basically all are engaged in a PR tennis match using a monkey instead of a ball. The monkey has now been thrown back at Hezbollah and their appeasement supporters.

Update: While writing this a new story has come out that Israel, per its suspension agreement, is making strikes against areas preparing to strike Israel. In other words Israel has learned its lesson that the enemy always takes advantage of suspensions and cease-fires to regroup and prepare for strikes. Israel is learning lessons. Why can't the rest of the world, especially Dopi Annan?


  • At 6:29 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    Kofi did his muppet mouth flapping routine...

    Wait a minute! I love the Muppets (especially Fozzie Bear). How dare you equate somebody as adorable as Fozzie with somebody like Kofi, whose flapping is more like that of a codfish just taken out of the water.

    But that's not my point.

    I heard Dennis Prager this morning on the radio, and he made the comment that whenever he hears someone say, "world opinion," he knows it will be something morally insane. And he's right.

    World opinion in this case is increasingly against Israel, as always. And Kofi is out there leading the way.

    Great post.

  • At 9:35 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    I would settle for Kofi doing a Captain Hook impression of "I'm a codfish"


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