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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Human Rights Watch Dons Kick Me Sign

Your organization has limited people and limited resources. The entire world is filled with Human Rights abuses for you to explore and challenge. What person in distress do you use these precious resources on - Saddam Hussein. Yes, that is what Human Rights Watch did. They were so concerned because Iraq's president fired the judge presiding over Hussein's trial. This judge stopped important court business to kiss Saddam's backside by assuring him he was not a dictator. It is not clear what dictionary the judge was using to define "dictator".

Iraqi law allows for the removal of a judge for any reason whatsoever, so this seems to fall within the legal authority of the president. According to the NYT, HRW seems to be hung up on the idea this decision: “sends a chilling message to all judges: toe the line or risk removal.”
It is not clear what message HRW thinks a judge sympathetic to the man with the blood of thousands on his hands sends.

I think the judge's removal sends a healthy message that prejudicial and sympathetic statements to not belong at the trial of the man who killed thousands with nerve gas, housed rape rooms to assault the wives and daughters of perceived enemies and ordered men placed into human shredding machines.

If this does not highlight the debilitating nature of liberalism, I don't know what will. HRW has embarrassed itself and undermined progress in true human rights advancement in the world. I give them an honorary "kick me" sign.


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