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Sunday, October 22, 2006

NYT Ohmsbudsman Finally Does His Job

Michelle Malkin is posting that Byron Calame, the NYT Ohmsbudsman, is finally admitting that it was wrong for the NYT to print the story that revealed national security secrets for surveillance of wire transfers of terrorists. He gives two reasons for his reversal:

1) It was legal
2) No sign of abuse of private data

Of course the mea culpa was not on the front page as it should be, but buried in the paper. One wonders what would make him change his mind after 4 months? Very likely the hit to both his credibility and the credibility of the NYT simply was not going away. Nor should it. The NYT has been a mouth organ for the Democrat Party for a long time. The recent irrational run of their irresponsible journalism by revealing one national security secret after another is rooted in their hatred of this administration. The Anchoress sums it up in her post on the issue - "I hated Bush so much I couldn't do my job". There seems to be a lot of that going around that is not limited to the NYT.


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