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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Election On Iraq Head Scratcher

We keep hearing that this election will be all about Iraq. What does that mean exactly? If the Dems win, does that mean we should pull out of Iraq leaving thousands to die like the massacre after we left Vietnam? Or does it simply mean the Dems dance around yelling "We were right and you were wrong", but Bush still stays the course. If the Dems push hard for a pull-out and a massacre occurs leaving Iraq an enemy state, how will the Dems survive any election in the future? If the Dems do not push to leave Iraq, will people wonder what all the hot air was about? So if the GOP losing somehow makes a point about Iraq; if the GOP retains the congress, does that mean the people have spoken and that we are to stay in Iraq? It is funny how whenever they frame an election on an issue, they only focus on the issue one way. It is certainly a head scratcher.

In less than a week, we will know the results. If polls were votes, the Dems would be in control. Polls are not votes, and there are so many toss-ups the election will be determined by voter turnout. I think the turnout will surprise people. More GOP than expected will come out and less Dems than expected will vote. For this reason I am staying with my prediction of the GOP retaining control of both houses. However, I am going to have to change my numbers. I am going to go fully with Barron's and add 1 more loss to each house than I predicted before. The GOP will lose 3 seats in the Senate and 8 seats in the House.


  • At 8:14 AM, Blogger Malott said…

    I listen to the radio quite a bit, and it is truly amazing how every story, every carefully chosen and placed word reflects the media's belief that America has a lot to be angry at Republicans about. Their bias has never been more transparent.

    If the Republicans do manage to hold on to the Congress in spite of the Democrat's, mainstream media's, and terrorist's wishes - it will be an amazing victory indeed.

  • At 6:04 PM, Blogger Merete said…

    If the Dems win, does that mean we should pull out of Iraq leaving thousands to die like the massacre after we left Vietnam?

    If the Dems push hard for a pull-out and a massacre occurs leaving Iraq an enemy state

    Wow, you seem to think there will be a massacre in Iraq only when the troops will be pulled out?! What about right now, what about yesterday and what about the 3 previous years? No massacres taken place in Iraq?

    Wake up! IRAQ = FUBAR. Every single day there are massacres taken place, what are you talking about "what if the Dems win and we need to pull out and there will be a massacre".

    How many more dead people do you want to see before enough is enough? What is your maximum of dead people you can stomach before you start realizing that this occupation of Iraq is WRONG? 1 Mill dead Iraqis? 3 mill? Higher? 10 Mill?! You tell me! When do you think we need to immediately stop and pull out?

    And strange that the focus is only on the war in Iraq, I agree. It should have been split with Afghanistan. The war over there gets too little attention. It's also turning into another Vietraq so just keep on counting dead people.

    I pray to God or Allah or who he is that the Dems win as much as possible. Maybe there is hope for humanity after all. But I am truly afraid that the average American is blissfully ignorant of the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, does not bother to vote and believe all the false propaganda coming from your leader. It is so tragic that the people of a superpower can be so brainwashed.

    AICS, this is the third time I ask you this question, you are ignoring it every time. Please answer this time, are you one of the maybe 30% of the American people that still support Bush and thinks he is doing a good job?

  • At 7:06 AM, Blogger Malott said…


    Look around the world. Muslims fighting Hindus, Muslims fighting Russians, Muslims raping and fighting Europeans, Muslims fighting Sudanese Christians, Muslims fighting Israeli Jews...

    Do you really think pulling out of Iraq will stop the massacre?

    George is fighting this war imperfectly, but at least he is fighting it.

  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    Your comments show that your view of those we are fighting in Iraq is so very different than mine. You seem to view them as a benign force that would be good for Iraq if only the US would pull out. Remember the axiom power abhors a vacuum. If you have not heard that before it basically means that when power is removed, there will always be those who fight to fill the gap. They can have good or bad intentions. With the removal of the power structure of Saddaam, there was a vacuum. The power of the US was there, but we did not invade to take over control of Iraq. So there was a power gap. We are trying to fill it with a structured government based on the will of the people (I know that sounds horrible).

    The insurgency is fighting to fill the power gap that is not based on the will of the people, but on their will. If the insurgency wanted the gap filled with a government based on the will of the people, they would simply stand aside. Their continuing to fight shows they are contrary and want to fill the gap with a power structure based on radical beliefs, violence and fear.

    All of that said to address your comment on Iraq in a massacre now. Yes, there is great and continuing violence from the insurgency, whom you support more than the US. Whom you seem to cheer for.

    The insurgency is slaughtering innocents each day. What is the restraining force on the insurgency??? Of course, our presence. A simplistic view would claim that our withdrawal from Iraq would remove the REASON the insurgency is slaughtering innocent people. The first part of my comment was to show that our presence is not the reason for the slaughter. Their desire to fill the power gap with their idea of how Iraq should be run IS the reason for the killings. So a US withdrawal would remove the only restraint keeping them from their goal. The slaughter would increase exponentially becoming the massacre I predicted. Rest assured if that happens, the Logic Lifeline will be here to remind all how the massacre could have been prevented.

    As for the question if I am in the 30% that still support Bush, I don't think I have purposefully avoided it. I did not take the question seriously because it is based on a flawed view of the numbers. The fact is that there are many who would answer that they do not support Bush because he is not conservative enough. I am one of those. To boil down up or down support of Bush as a whole is meaningless to me. There are policies of his that I support and policies I don't. I may agree with a policy, but disagree with his implementation of that policy.

    I disagree with his immigration policy. I think he could be more aggressive in Iraq to defeat the insurgency. Yet I understand the need to transition the responsibility to Iraq.

    In other areas I agree with his tax policy, which has resulted in a very good economy. We are now down to a 4.4% unemployment rate. Inflation is under control. Personal income has increased.

    He has done a great job utilizing every legal tool at his disposal to keep the US from being hit with another terrorist attack.

    So I have answered your question. I am sure it is not in the way you wanted, but as I say the 30% is flawed. The real question is having named any Democrat to run against him would I vote for a re-election of Bush if he could run for another term. Yes I would. I think if that question were asked, the number responding yes would be at least in the 40's. If the named Democrat were one of his previous foes (Gore or Kerry) the answer would be yes in the 50's.

  • At 2:32 AM, Blogger Merete said…

    You have to admit that your government FAILED in the war in Iraq. It turned out to be everybody's worse nightmare! Nobody was greeted as liberators, the war didn't only take 4 days, 4 weeks or maximum 4 months, there were no WMD's, it was not a "slam dunk case". In fact they did so little research, they didn't even know that there were different groups of Iraqi's! The resistance must have come as a shock to them after they so proudly and ignorant broadcasted "Mission Accomplished".

    How can you accept that from your government, how can you still put your trust in these guys that has done nothing but lied and deceived you and the American people?! You know, they should be put in front of the judges here in Den Haag for the war crimes they committed, just like Milosevic was. They claimed that Saddam killed 300,000 Iraqis over the last 24 years, while they managed to kill 600,000 in just 3 years! They should spend the rest of their lives in jail, maybe send them to Guantanamo Bay to let them taste their own medicine.

    What needs to be done in Iraq now, is that the US should conduct a phased withdrawal from Iraq so as to attempt to pressure the Iraqi political elite to compromise with one another. We need a deadline for when the troops can be pulled out. The indefinite presence of US forces enables the Shiite-run Iraqi government to avoid making compromises.

    Failure of the Iraqi government to move forward on key political and security measures has left the country in chaos. The Iraqi government is seen as a greater threat to achieving stability in Iraq than the insurgency itself. You have to have a trusted, capable government if you want peace and stability! If they had a stable government there would be no more massacres.

  • At 7:17 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    I answered your points very thoroughly. You have not even touched on the points I made. Instead you go off into a diatribe.

    As for the trust question; I don't trust any of them. I don't buy the talking points of Bush lying. And I don't buy into the talking point that haven't succeeded yet = failed.

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