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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Had Crow Before, Will Have Crow Again

I have returned from a great trip to Hawaii to dutifully eat my crow. My election predictions were far too optimistic. The optimism was rooted in my belief that GOP voters would see the high stakes and turn out. That did not happen. I flew to San Fran. last Tuesday night arriving at around 1am to see the House majority going to the Dems and the Senate likely to do the same (which of course it did). As I have said before, the GOP has been in the minority most of my political life. I can handle it. I truly feared for the sanity of some libs if the GOP had pulled it off. So, in short, I was wrong in my predictions and congratulate those readers who have their wish.

We all know about the bad that can come of this result:

- The non-permanent tax cuts will be reversed. When that happens you will all notice your taxes going up revealing the lie that the tax cuts were only for the rich.
- Continued dependency on foreign oil, since the Dems will not allow an expansion of drilling.
- The Dems will reject the confirmation of the outstanding John Bolton in favor of one who will work overtime to weaken the US position at the UN and encourage the corruption there to flourish
- The Dems will reject the nomination of any judges who will actually interpret the Constitution literally; instead favoring those who will create law out of the air - as long as it fits their agenda

There is some good that can come out of this result:

- For the majority, I was willing to suffer through another term of Lincoln Chaffee. While the votes from the new Rhode Island Senator will be very similar, it will not be at the hands of a RINO.
- As reader Mark points out (and I have stated before), the best thing that government can do is to be in gridlock. Government is at its best when it does nothing. My wallet is much safer during gridlock.
- Those who have worked so hard to get a Dem majority, will surely be disappointed. Having been there to see the 1994 GOP revolution and later see the GOP take it all, I have been very disappointed in their failures to actually lead. The lefty blogs will soon be in full vigor writing against the Dems for being spineless and turncoats. That will be rich indeed.
- Impeachment. No matter how this goes it is going to be entertaining. First, if they do not impeach there will be a huge uproar from the left. Second, if they do try to impeach several things can happen.

First, the Dems will burn all of their political capital trying to pull this off. (more "nothing" getting done - this is good). During the impeachment process there are many opportunities for the Bush Administration to smear egg all over the Dems face. It is one thing to feed lies through the media, it is another to be speaking under oath (ask Joe Wilson).

Second, Bush could get impeached leaving Dick Cheney to be president. That would be rich, too.

Third, they could try a double-play and get Cheney, leaving Pelosi as president. This would cause considerable heartburn for Hillary Clinton for her '08 dreams. A sitting Pelosi would also cause heartburn for the Dems in '08 as she would have zero chance in a general election.

I do not fear nor resist an impeachment attempt. Bring out the facts under oath. If the facts show that Bush did wrong, I would rather have the truth. As I pointed out, no matter which direction it goes, it will be very entertaining.

- The blogs on the right, including mine get to move from a defensive position to an offensive position. I don't believe I will need to look very hard or split hairs to find material to write about against the new Congress. I feel like a weight has been lifted. Blogging will become fun again.

So there is both my crow eating and my take on the election results. I hope to add a post later about my trip to Kauai, Hawaii. I have a tan, I am refreshed and ready to get back to work.


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