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Monday, October 01, 2007

Desperate and Pathetic Libs Try to Dig Out of Bad PR Hole With False Accusations

The recent disintegration of the Left's Iraq momentum and their nearly daily blunder and misstep is creating a level of desperation among their members and their friends in the MSM. It seems as they see control slipping from their grasp, they are trying anything and everything to regain control. Right now they need a big scandal on the Right to happen. They need some conservative with large influence to create a wave of controversy to turn the tide. They are so pathetic and desperate they are willing to manufacture it.

The ultra-left website Media Matters has selected two high profile targets and done just that - attempted to manufacture a scandal. They have run two accusations: one against Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. Their laughable charges are that O'Reilly made racist remarks during an interview with Juan Williams who is black and denies any racism; and that Limbaugh made disparaging remarks against troops who disagree with the war by calling them phony.

Saturday I spent 30 minutes of my valuable time listening to the entire segment in question from Bill O'Reilly's radio show. I also heard the segment from Limbaugh's show and read the transcript as well. Any objective person would see that Media Matters has completely taken these statements out of context to manufacture an issue. When listening to or reading the entire segments, there is not even a shred of a gray area that remotely resembles the accusations. It is nearly the equivalent of taking...a...broad...conversation...or...commentary...'

Ok, we would expect Media Matters to pull such a prank. However, when the MSM becomes willing to throw away their credibility by running with the stories completely out of context we see the desperation in their camp as well. Rest assured, these blunders will backfire in the same way that the David Shuster attempted "gotcha" blew up in his face. The MSM continues in their agenda driven journalism to be unconcerned about who they cosy up to: be it leaders of states sympathetic to terrorists, groups firing rockets at innocent Israeli civilians, or sham artists like Media Matters and MoveOn.Oink. It is becoming a soap opera with the title, "As the credibility falls."

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