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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another Fixed Award for Having the Same Agenda as the Awarding Committee

Yawn. Al Gore won the Nobel Politics Prize. This prize like Academy and Grammy Awards seems to orbit toward those with "approved" views and the vocalization of these views. What is difficult to stomach is the media's reaction to the news of winning as if the end result were ever in doubt. Ever since his nomination, it was a given that they would grant it to Al Gore. During the entertainment awards, while the conservative community goes to bed early knowing who will win, the rest of the gullible world watches with bated breath. Upon revelation, the "surprise" is celebrated with full vigor and the winner is crowned with both the award and "vindication" of their outspoken views.

So either the Nobel committee has either been sucked into the Global Warming illusion or they are part of the instigating group to begin with. Setting aside all concerns that global warming has nothing to do with world peace, this activist committee has selected their agenda du jour as the winning criteria. While the sheeple of this country are reacting to the news with discussion of launching another presidential run (and loss), the informed conservatives yawn.

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