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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Artistic Expression of Ann Coulter

I will state right off the bat that this post is not a defense of Ann Coulter. She is a big girl and can defend herself. Having said that, I find the the reaction of liberals to Ann Coulter vividly shows the inability of the liberal mind to have a mindset of consistency. To support that before getting to Ann, consider the liberal's complete schizophrenia when it comes to gender and race. The liberal is very quick to brand and tarnish anybody that identifies the differences among the human genders, races and cultures. Point out that men and women are different and you are branded a sexist. Discuss the differences between a black person and a white person and you are labeled a racist. Yet when the liberal "Sybil" morphs into another personality, they are celebrating and leading the charge on the great benefits of diversity. Diversity makes us stronger. Diversity is the secret to our greatness. Diversity is the holy grail of political correctness. Yet, what does diversity mean? According to diversity means:
1.the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness.
2.variety; multiformity.
3.a point of difference.
In short, diversity means different. How can we be better off or stronger from diversity if every race and both genders are really the same? Liberals are addicted to such inconsistency. They are always crying about getting more money from taxpayers to help the poor. Tax cuts always generate more tax revenue, but liberals are ferociously opposed to them. Liberals in the media are quick to highlight the drives for modesty and morality by conservative Christians with great derision and venom; yet they are slow to spend any significant time on the Iranian crackdown on public dress that has affected 122000 people, stoning of adulterers in Islamic countries, or honor killings of the promiscuous by Islamic family members. Liberals will honor the most offensive people by giving them speaking engagements in the name of free speech, yet they scream like a stuck pig if somebody tells the truth about them and they try to deny them free speech. Everybody is inconsistent to a degree, but liberals are Subject Matter Experts on contradictory positions.

When it comes to Ann Coulter, liberals again abandon consistency. Ann Coulter goes beyond pointing out the ugly truth of liberals. Ann Coulter is like the artist that has a message but thinks that in order to effectively get the message across they must make their art so controversial it is extremely offensive. The best examples are religious objects submerged in urine. The artist has a message and presents the message offensively in a work of art. Having followed Ann Coulter for some time, I have come to the conclusion that Ann approaches the political discourse with artistic expression. Anybody can be verbally offensive, but to offend using verbal artistic expressions of simile and hyperbole can take talent. At this point we can all agree Ann is full of it. I am referring to talent, others will refer to something else. After a full review of a broad sample of Ann's public discourse, it simply cannot be denied that her technique is on par with artists like Serrano and Mapplethorpe. (funny the Google spell check highlights Coulter, but yet has no problem with those names. hmmm.) While conservatives have only moved to ban public funds from supporting their art, none have ever advocated suppression or criminal prosecution for their art. The liberals, however, are constantly attempting to demand censorship of Ann Coulter and other conservatives.

When it comes to freedom of speech and expression, the left has so much hatred for the conservative or anti-PC message that they cannot help but get their claws out and make demands of suppression and censorship. They demand the head of Don Imus. They demand Rush Limbaugh be removed from Armed Forces Radio. They demand Ann Coulter be removed from this or that syndication. When I read something that offends me, I ponder the message and perhaps consider responding in some way. I never think in the arena of forced censorship. I may express my lack of desire for my tax dollars to support such a message. I may choose to stop watching, reading or subscribing to something - preventing myself from exposure to more of the same. If enough people do not want to be exposed to the message of somebody, the market will take care of it. The liberal cannot wait that long. So they march down their well-trodden road of inconsistency and push to suppress free speech. I am sure with the new offensive speech recently expressed by Ann, we will see the liberal censors in action once again.

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