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Friday, August 05, 2005

NY Times needs to look in the mirror

The NY Times needs to take a good look at herself in the mirror and see how utterly ridiculous she is looking lately. The Grey Lady is shedding all semblance of impartiality like clothes on a hot summer day. They have stooped so low in their bitter political anguish that they are aggressively and openly searching the adoption records of John Roberts two children.

As divorcing couples have used their own children as pawns to hurt each other or gain the upper hand, the NY Slimes will seek to use the Roberts kids. When Clinton told the media that Chelsea was off-limits to the media, I am sure the water carriers at the Times obeyed. However, they perceive Roberts as a conservative and it does not matter what lengths they must stoop, they will do so.

There should be a wave of mass revulsion against this, because the face in the mirror is leprous.


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