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Friday, August 05, 2005

Yahoo indisputable bias

This is perhaps one of the most clear cut case of bias I have seen in the media. There is the story of Robert Novak walking off the set being reported. Ok, he did it and that action is fair game and perhaps newsworthy. Then Yahoo in addition to the story wants to add a picture to it on their website. I am sure there is not a shortage of pictures of Novak out there. Which picture do they select to add to the story? This one. It is a picture of Novak with Karl Rove.

What possible reason could they have for selecting a picture with somebody else, much less Karl Rove? The only logical reason Yahoo would be to take an unprofessional action on Novak's part and link it in people's mind with Rove due to the Valerie Plame link. It was a cheap shot and the bias cannot be denied.

Yet another media outlet taking a credibility hit. I guess their agenda is more important than their reputation.


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