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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Will the real traitor stand up

If a group of people decided to start an organization for the sole purpose of destroying the US. They would not really care if the US crumbled from within or was militarily defeated by a foreign country or completely destroyed by terrorist acts. If they worked to pass laws or reverse laws to attain the end. If they used the courts to reak havoc with any law or policy designed to protect the country. If they did this and other things designed at the ultimate weakening and destruction of our country, would we be able to tell the difference between them and the ACLU? I doubt if I could. Watching the ACLU is like reading a blueprint for US annihilation, all under the guise of doing something good. Where the country can understand the concept of a "front for the mafia" or a "front for a terrorist cell", they seem to be reluctant to identify the "front for a treasonist group" like the ACLU.

In short, their latest is a lawsuit against the already weakened, politically correct searches in the subway. We can't have even the lamest policy on the offchance they might keep a terrorist from his plan of destruction, can we?


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