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Monday, August 08, 2005

The best anti-terror ideas come after an attack

The Brits are considering charging Muslim clerics with treason if they incite violence or praise suicide attacks. It is amazing how clearly people think right after they are attacked by terrorists. Ideas such as right/wrong, good/evil, friend/enemy leave the fuzzy recesses of the mind and come to the forefront crystal clear: but sadly only for a little while. The US already forgets 9/11 with its evil and sorrow unleashed on 3000 innocents and their families.

Many have warned about the dangers of new attacks and what steps may be taken to try to prevent them, but they are resisted. So we will be warned and warned and then when it happens a few more times we will take the steps being proposed today. Only after losing many more innocent lives will we do what needs to be done.

This is because there is a constant spewing of foolishness and the media happily provides a microphone to these fools. Only after an attack are they silent for a short time, knowing if they speak that the people will connect the dots between the foolishness and the fools. They must try to preserve their credibility for the next round. During that brief moment of silence the wise can push forward what needs to be done without being drowned out by the fools.

Why wait until then. Shore up the security gap in our borders. Deport or lock up those in our country sprewing this hatred and encouraging death. Stop wasting time searching 90 year old white women and focus on those overwhelmingly more likely to commit a terrorist act. Those with clear heads must drown out the fools, but the effort is worth it as it will save lives.

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