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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

FBI writes politically correct guidelines for Enron type arrests

So as not to offend the capitalist community, the FBI has written strict guidelines for arresting Ken Lay and others of his ilk. Here are some of the highlights:

  • If the subject is in the middle of a social dinner, wait until the guests have left before the arrest so as not commit a social faux paux
  • If using cameras take care not to film any females in the home that might have on a mud mask with cucumber slices on their eyes
  • Make sure you have a calling card to give to the butler before proceeding with the arrest
  • Refrain from touching 'holy' objects such as today's copy of the Wall Street Journal or the latest Barons
  • If he is drinking a martini, wait until he is done before making him do the perp walk
OK, OK that was all made up, but sadly this Worldnetdaily story is not. Apparently in the England's county of Bedfordshire the police have come up with politically correct guidelines for raids on Muslim houses. They are not to wear shoes in the house especially in places that might be designated for prayer. They are to avoid bringing cameras so that they don't accidentally capture females in less than modest apparel. If occupants are in the middle of prayer, they should be allowed to finish. They should refrain from entering bedrooms or bathrooms at night. There are others just as ridiculous. They seem to assume that the target will see their kow-towing and come along quietly, instead of hiding in bedrooms or running out the door while the police hurry to put their shoes back on before giving chase. And what wild AlJazeera type falsehoods will be told without cameras to tell the real story of what happened. Watch for claims of raping their wives and daughters or flushing the Quran.

Imagine the reaction if the first part of my post were the actual story.


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