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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Next time the media claims to care about kids we'll believe them, right?

The next time the media reports on how some Republican politician is hurting kids by doing or not doing something, we'll take them seriously, right? We'll look at their track record and see how much they care about the children and cheer their tireless battle for the innocent. Or will we?

Looking at their track record will probably reveal just that: they usually only champion the kids when they can skewer a conservative at the same time. But when one of their own embezzles money earmarked for inner city youth clubs, the media is silent. The Great Left Hope - Air America did just that, embezzling over $600,000 from Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club and one of its affiliates, Pathways for Youth to keep themselves alive.

Air America points out that it was the former chairman that did it, and the media says, "Oh, then there's no story here" and continue their search for the next GOP gotcha. Because attention to this story may severely damage the leftist radio network, as usual they justify it by claiming "the greater good" prevails.

If funds had been diverted to the Boy Scouts, Fox News or some pro-life group there would be weeks of headlines and commentary even if the previous guy had already resigned. It is just another neon sign to the common people that you cannot trust the mainstream media at all. Their credibility meter is also on zero and flashing. The next time they do a story about how children are being harmed by conservative policies there should be a collective gag across the country.


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