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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wash-Post now criticizes Bush's vacationing

They have criticized his faith, policies, cabinet choices, judge nominations, exercising, the way he talks, the way he walks, the way he looks, his choice of friends, his choice of advisors, his sleeping habits, his cowardice, his bravado, his turning D.C. from the party town under Clinton to ho-hum, etc., etc, etc. Now they are criticizing his "vacationing". He is about to spend the most time vacationing at his ranch than any other prior president. Somehow they think he can't do his presidential duties from Crawford, Tx. even though the communications are there to do so. He has spent alot of this time entertaining world dignitaries, hosted his cabinet for special meetings, signed bills into law and performed other presidential duties at his ranch.

With 2 war-fronts, threats from several other countries, the constant threat of local terror, an obsessively hostile media, the Senate acting like school children and the continued attempts to manufacture a scandal out of thin airBush probably needs more vacation time than other presidents have.

The Wash-Post article even disdains how he spends his vacation: chopping cedar and mountain biking on rough terrain even in 100 degree weather. The burning thought that jumps to my mind is that Clinton took less vacation than Bush, and spent lots and lots of time in the Oval office. I think most people would rather have Bush's working vacations than Clinton's vacationing work.


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