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Friday, September 30, 2005

Carter admits to being a pervert

I thought Clinton was the only known presidential pervert the US has had. Now Carter in a town hall meeting at his own Carter Town Hall meeting all but admits he is one too. He speaks of two situations most memorable to him in his travels. The first is about a woman's swollen breast from a guinea worm and the other is about a little girl "relieving herself". The story reads:

'The second image Carter recalled was of a young Ethiopian girl’s eagerness to demonstrate that she, like her brother, could use the small latrine their father had made for them.

“She spread her skirt out very carefully and she squatted down to relieve herself.” Carter said.'

Carter then admits to taking pictures of it. I know I will be accused of a personal attack because he is a Democrat, but no matter who did it, that is weird. Then he talks about it in a public speech. I thought there was quite a lot already to be embarrassed about our 39th president:

  • Scared by a giant rabbit
  • Giving away the Panama Canal
  • Tough stance boycott of the olympics
  • Being suckered in nuclear negotiations with the USSR
  • Asking Amy for her advice for world peace
  • The economic malaise
  • Billy / Billy Beer
  • Failed attempt at the hostage rescue
  • His lifelong habit of worship of tyrannical dictators
  • Giving his stamp of approval to obviously fraudulent elections (Ortega, Chavez, etc)
  • His anti-American rhetoric in the last decade
Now we hear about him taking pictures of a little girl peeing. Maybe he can show them at the next Democratic convention.


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