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Friday, September 30, 2005

Will they ask her the critical question?

If anybody is either buying or understanding the Judith Miller story, they must be crazy. To sit in jail for 85 days and then decide that it is all right after all to reveal Libby Lewis' name as a source in the Valerie Plame story. We all read reports that the source long ago gave her clearance to reveal his name, but she insisted that was not enough. Now she claims that it is enough.

If she had come out of jail with a downcast look like she just could not take it any more, I might buy it. However, she comes out all smiles acting like a celebrity for the cameras. If you go by what we are being told, nothing is adding up. Here are some logical slow motion points:

  • Libby told Miller that she was released from confidentiality.
  • Miller still went to jail claiming his release was coerced.
  • Miller spends 85 days in jail, only 30 days away from her scheduled release.
  • A conversation occurs between Libby and Miller.
  • Libby says he did not actually name Valerie Plame to Miller.
  • If Libby did name her to Miller, then being unwilling to admit he named Plame does not sound like a convincing release.
  • Why does Miller take a stand for 85 days, then relent with a partial admission amounting to an unconvincing release?
  • Before Miller is released from jail, she agrees to name Libby on the condition that Libby is the only topic discussed in court.

The only angle here that makes sense is that Libby was not the only source. The foolish agreement kept the court from asking the simple question: "Was Libby the ONLY source?" However, the media is under no such obligation and I am waiting for some MSM reporter to ask her the question with a camara rolling.

If the circumstances are questionable, the timing is certainly suspect. In the same week there are questions about a stock sale by Bill Frist, and dubious indictment of Tom Delay Miller decides to "out" Libby Lewis, Cheney's Chief of Staff. Of course this again highlights Karl Rove's revealing "Wilson's Wife" to Novak. If the timing of a big cloud of suspicion over Delay, Frist, Rove and Lewis is not enough - it just so happens this occurs right before the next Supreme Court nominee is named. I would be interested in the call or visiting records for Miller in jail in the last week. I want to know who called or went to her and said "Ok, Judith, it's time."


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