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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Look to Hamas as a warning

I am reluctantly posting about something that has been troubling me for weeks now. I have spent a lot of time in leftist territory reading their posts, listening to their radio, adding my own posts to attempt to reason with them. While some on the right can be quite an embarrassment sometimes, nearly the entire far left blogosphere seems to me to be a pack of jackals having no rhyme or reason to their hatred and venom. Normal ideas such as innocent until proven guilty are long ago abandoned if it is a Republican and breathes.

While we conservatives chafe at the frequent liberal stances of Bush and the Congress with the exception of the war and taxes, according to the left Bush is destroying America. Somehow they can look at my gold star of presidential corruption link and still claim Bush is the most corrupt thing to come down the pike. The fact is every administration has people and actions that go over the edge of ethics. A realistic view is how wide-spread it is and how do they handle it when PROVEN.

Aside from these items, the bottom line as I see it is that the left wants their way and they do not seem to interested in boundaries stopping them from what they want (legal, ethical, truthful or otherwise). Hamas, was formed in a similar situation where no matter what they did, they could not achieve their goal of a Palestinian state without turning violent. Now I am not claiming they are equivalent to Hamas. I am stating that their current mindset, their historic support (or at least apology) for groups like Hamas and the fact that the country is moving away from them not toward them is enough to make me worry what is on the horizon.

We may find that a foreign terrorist threat is the least of our worries. We may find that some of our citizens will choose to drop restraint. Some like ELF already have used destructive tactics, but it has been on a smaller scale. Some of the trouble need not be violent to cause large scale chaos. The left has always had the courts as a final "gotcha" in the end. They could disrespect the executive and legislative branches, but the judiciary has held a special place in their hearts. If they lose that in a definitive way, I expect mass rebellion even in levels of local and perhaps state government. We have seen this already with cities deciding to start performing marriages that the law does not currently support.

Many may see this post as a branding of the left. The main purpose is to get them to think. If they rip the fabric of the rule of law too far, or decide that violence is the only way on a large scale America will never be the same. Whatever flaws she has, the USA is the best country that has ever existed and that will likely ever exist where it comes to freedom and opportunity. Look to the Russian revolutionaries of the Bolchevik revolution and its aftermath. On a massive scale the revolutionaries did not get what they wanted and many were slaughtered. The same happened in China and other revolutions. The little guys are used to get a small group to the top then they are disposed of. Think about it.


  • At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is your blog and I'm not going to take you on very frequently - I don't have the patience for that, and your blog isn't the right forum. Here's the kicker that drew me out today and where you and I can maybe commiserate. It looks to me that the right is primed and ready to blow at any moment. And when I say blow, I mean blow violently. Honestly, do you not feel your political and media leaders whipping up a frenzy of contempt and outrage? Do you look past the overtly violent posts at the right-wing sites? I swear to god I see a clear line between the big-time right-wing merchants of discontent, outrage, and victim-hood and your own slightly original version of the same thing. Your writing as of late seems to be less about driving home a point as much as it seemingly provides you with a sadistic pleasure in sticking it to the left. And I can see clear examples of people on your team straining at the bit to get back to frontier justice. And each day the media you choose to expose yourself to and trust turns the screw a little further. And it really worries me sometimes. I mean really, like you guys are ready to march and are just waiting for the code. And I'm not prone to conspiracy theories at all. With your side's 'disagreement is treason' mindset it's a not leap to say that at times you seem to be running to embrace fascism.

    I sense a powder keg. You think it's me and I think it's you. And I think I'm smart and well-informed and you think that you're smart and well-informed. That's not very encouraging, is it.

    Finally, I must note that in your example of folks on the edge of losing restraint that you're really reaching on the ELF thing, particularly when taken in consideration with the political leanings associated with threatening the judiciary, killing judges, advocating assassinations of democratically elected leaders, the blowing up abortion clinics and federal buildings, and things like that. Your crazies scare me way way more than my crazies.


  • At 8:31 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    Paw, you make good points. I do see frustrations on the right. Most are short term since things seem to be taking a downturn on several fronts. The difference is that those of us on the right have been in the minority politically most of our lives. The left has had power politically, in the media and in acadamia for many years. It is only recently that grip has been broken somewhat.

    The catalyst of late on both sides is that both sides think the left has a chance at regaining it's power. The left is drunk with the thought of it and the right fears it.

    I think the left will be stopped after a few more victories. For all I know it is calculated. I just don't think the left is capable of dealing with the reversal I believe is coming.

    Thanks for pointing out a change in my writing. Perhaps that is so, and I will evaluate it.

    As for the media I choose to follow, I think you would be surprised how critically I listen to/watch them. I don't like being deceived. I don't like being lied to. I don't like rosie pictures where reality does not support it. I'll take reality over Xanadu anyday.



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