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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The lack of consistency continues to plague the left

When you ask for political consistency, you are not demanding all agree on each and every detail like robots. However, when political groups as a whole act one way in one set of circumstances and other ways in different but similar circumstances it brings their credibility to a screeching halt. I do not believe in defending an individual who is in the wrong and won't admit it. My political beliefs do not compel me to lie or cover for wrong-doing. The left simply refuses to be consistent in anything but passing their agenda.

Currently, I have no alternative but to believe Tom Delay is not guilty of what he is charged with (either the first or do-over indictment). I read the first indictment and did not find one detail in it to link Delay to the crime he is charged with. It was simply three sets of separate sections: the indicted, the indictment and some evidence. Yet there are no links between the three. The "evidence" is not linked in any way to a crime (other than here is the crime and here is evidence, not here is the crime and here is the evidence that the crime was committed). There is no link between Delay and the evidence or indictment.

The prosecutor, Ronnie Earle, has behaved in such a bizarre manner throughout this process that any reasonable fair-minded person would come to the conclusion that justice is not his driving force. Here are some slo-mo's:

  • Earle prosecuted Kay Bailey Hutchison on such flimsy evidence it was thrown out of court even before a trial.
  • Just 2 weeks Earle publicly states that Delay is not the target of an investigation.
  • Earle has been allowing a filming crew unprecedented access to film this investigation for some upcoming movie on it.
  • The first indictment ended up being alleged actions that were made illegal by a law on conspiracy passed 1 year after the actions took place (can you say ex-post facto)
  • The term of the grand jury granting the first indictment expired.
  • With the public eye on Earle and cameras rolling for the movie, Earle panics when he realizes the first indictment was ex-post facto.
  • On the first day of the new grand jury's term Earle rushes in with different charges: money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering (note the word conspiracy here; he had to link it somehow)
  • Earle doesn't even have the decency to tell the truth about his mistake, claiming new information came in over the weekend.
  • Earle had tried to indict Delay on the same "secondary" charges in the last week of their term but they refused to indict.
Under normal circumstances most fair minded people would see through all of this and cry foul. However, consistency is not in the political playbook for liberals. Looking up Grand Jury on wikipedia linked here, under the section Criticism of the Grand Jury there are a few applicable points:
  • The old adage that a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich, meaning regardless of how flimsy the evidence an indictment is often easy to get
  • The point that during a grand jury the defense is not even present to refute any presented evidence
  • Evedentiary rules such as hearsay do not apply in a grand jury
  • Many jurisdictions in the country have stopped using grand juries altogether due to their flaws
There has been more evidence presented to the public that Ronnie Earle is pandering to his filming crew and the national Democrats (and his own agenda) than that Delay has committed a crime. The fact that Earle has gone through 5 grand juries to finally get this indictment shows a partisan agenda and a mean-spirit. I think if a terrorist had been treated the same way Delay has been treated, the ACLU would already be involved in the case on the side of the terrorist of course. While not in legal terms, these actions in spirit amount to double jeopardy. If a Democrat were treated this way the liberals would be up in arms (and they don't even believe in guns).

The left is so panicked over their political losses that they do not ever dare call a spade a spade. Their selective indignation makes them look like fools and they don't even realize that. With no consistency, no agenda, no outstanding leaders they will continue to lose politically even if the GOP has issues.


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