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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Prosecutors in Limbaugh case guilty of judge shopping

Yet another case of partisan prosecutors running wild. The Limbaugh case should have been closed long ago, or at least when the Federal Court ruled against using his priviledged information. Still it drags on. In an effort to charge Limbaugh with doctor shopping, the prosecutor now seems to be judge shopping as a 3rd judge is now presiding over the case.

When the story broke, historical records showed that individuals were rarely prosecuted for the actions Rush has committed. Instead of seeking fairness and consistency, the prosecutor buckled under tremendous liberal pressure and has been hounding Limbaugh ever since.

Speaking of consistency, how did the left treat the Ken Starr investigation of Clinton? In Clinton's case we had legal transcripts of his sworn statements in the Paula Jones suit, compared with contrasting statements on camera before the nation, DNA on a dress and sworn statements of Lewsinsky giving irrefutable evidence that he had perjured himself. How the left howled about this runaway special prosecution and all the tax dollars spent on it dragging out over years. How much time and money has been spent on the Limbaugh investigation. Comparing the local tax revenues to national revenues, I am sure the percentage of the Palm Beach revenues is much higher than the national percentage for the costs of Limbaugh vs. Clinton.

Once again, the point is driven home that liberals don't have a consistent bone in their body.


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