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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I had to put on sunglasses to read this one

This piece from RealClearPolitics was absolutely brilliant. Often the liberal intellectual lightweights will substitute logical reasoning with pointing out typos and misspelling. Ok, I saw a couple of those, but it does not detract from a very well written commentary on how some on the right are misunderstanding the strategy of the president with the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. While it is hard for anyone to know for sure about these things, and nobody wants to stick their neck out on blind faith only to be disappointed, Thomas Lifson, the author spells things out brilliantly. Lifson not only reads into the lessons of his father and Souter pointing out differences, he touches on the raw nerves of conservatives spoiling for a fight. He says:

"There is also a palpable hunger for a struggle to the death with hated and verbally facile liberals like Senator Chuck Schumer."

It is true that we seem willing to give away the whole game just to see them stuff it into the liberal's face just once. That is short game mentality, and Bush is historically a long game player. He also points out that Ms. Miers actually ran a business with employees, a payroll and taxes. This points to real life experiences instead of eggheaded ideology. I recommend a full read for an enjoyable experience.

Having touted this commentary, I will also say I still understand those on the right who are not embracing Miers. Having 7-9 GOP nominees on the court with only 3 solidly conservative (if Roberts comes through) makes you skeptical and on guard for another let down. The fact is that Bush has nominated somebody he knows very well. We have been burned by "known" entities, so perhaps a "known, unknown" is the key. The good news is that we should know what she is like before the '06 elections. If she makes a few good rulings, this will charge up the base very well. That may be better than getting a charge up now and then forgetting about it by election time. If Bush is on the level and knows what he is doing, this could be another stroke of brilliance.


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