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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ridiculous claim of imposing democracy

It is amazing how somebody can make a ridiculous statement and suddenly you hear the same stupid thing all over. At some point some fool made the point that Iraq is different and that the US can't impose democracy on them with bombs and guns. Instead of giving that person the tar and feathering he deserved, the words were honored by mass repetition.

Sometimes logical thought needs to be given in slow motion. In order to make that foolish statement these assumptions must be made:

  • The Iraqi people do not and have never wanted democracy
  • Instead the majority of the Iraqi people want to be ruled with tyranical cruel power
  • The US came to Iraq with bombs and guns to establish a democracy
  • The majority of Iraqis reject democracy so that is why there is such resistance
Would the same fool make the argument that a community overrun by gangs and criminals does not want their hometown cleaned up because the gangs are still there? No, in those situations people live in great fear of the gangs and therefore offer no resistance. It is only by great courage and committment by some along with efforts of law enforcement that gangs are ever thrown out.

The human spirit universally yearns for freedom and the same rights we enjoy in the US. That may not mean they want our particular BRAND of freedom or democracy, but they want their own form of it. If some think the continued insurgency (terrorist gangs) is proof Iraq does not want democracy they must think:
  • Some people in gang ridden communities like it that way
  • Some women with abusive husbands enjoy being abused
  • Some children with an abusive parent dream of being smacked around
  • Some slaves want to remain slaves instead of being free
They self-righteously proclaim they would not like it, but somehow they entertain the prospect that some in these horrible situations prefer it. The same people that would fight to free somebody from any of the four situations listed above convince themselves that it is different in Iraq.

The bottom line is that in Iraq their heart like ours yearns for freedom, but a few terrorist gang members do not want that to happen. So in order to fulfil their anti-war or anti-Bush or anti-GOP or anti-US fantasies, they are willing to turn their back on the Iraqi people and damn them to tyranny. Then they try to make it sound good by this silly line of imposing democracy, while making those who want to see freedom reign there seem evil. It is as lame as claiming we are imposing on others our desire to eat or breath. Freedom is as precious to all as a deep breath of air, even the Iraqis.

If the protestors in the US and around the globe would focus speaking out against the insurgency, it would fall in an amazingly short time. But each placard and protest given legitimacy by the willing water carriers in the media, breathes new life into the insurgency. It is not George Bush who is the top terrorist recruiter - it is the anti-war protestor!


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