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Monday, October 03, 2005

Construction spending increases even before Katrina

In spite of Alan Greenspan's attempts to sabotage the economy by making predictions of a housing bubble burst, and in spite of other liberals attempting to likewise tank the economy, housing continues to boom. In this article I have linked to, these numbers rose after the dire predictions and before Katrina hit.

Now the reconstruction from Katrina will expand those numbers even more. These dire gloom and doom forecasts were irresponsible at best and maliscious at worst. I vividly recall in the summer of 2004 a liberal calling into talk radio and saying the best way to tank the economy before the election was to stop buying houses and was actively asking people to do so.

The story of Solomon and the baby comes to mind. Where two women claimed the baby was theirs. Solomon suggested they split the baby in two knowing the real mother would rather relinquish the child than see it destroyed. I think some liberals would rather see the country destroyed if they are not in charge.


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