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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CNN experiences a Brown out

CNN annoounced today that Aaron Brown is leaving the network and that his hour will be replaced with a second hour of Anderson Cooper. I have a hard time thinking this is a net gain for CNN. In a former post we saw Brown with ratings of 687,000 and Cooper with a little better 766,000. If we apply the law of diminished returns, the second hour of Cooper will likely be less than the 687,000 mark.

I for one will not miss Aaron Brown. Nothing personal against him, I was just bored to tears with his droning delivery. However, I like Cooper even less. It is difficult to watch his elvish face and take the news seriously. Now that he is in essence replacing Brown, I suspect he will fall prey to the temptation of "trying too hard".

While on the topic of CNN, what is with Paula Zahn's voice? I used to watch her on Fox News and do not remember her chronically stuffed nasal passages then. Paula grew up in my neck of the woods, so I hope there is nothing wrong healthwise or otherwise. Ratings check in a few weeks.


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