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Thursday, January 12, 2006

New mascot for Dems?

In the event the Democrats are tired of being jackasses, here is a suggestion for a new mascot. I call them Jelly Pigs. Scientists in Taiwan have bred pigs that glow in the dark in a flourescent green color. They create this by adding genetic material from jellyfish to the pig's embryo. Apparently, the pigs are green all the way through; even their organs.

I thought the jelly pigs would apply to Democrats. As it takes no imagination, I will leave the most obvious similarity to the reader. The jellyfish component can show the "spineless" nature of the Democrats. While the GOP has been spending way too much money, this does not mean the Dems have abstained from "pork". The Dems are "green" with envy over the power the GOP has been able to take from them. Finally, if they do not realize they have a fanatically extreme left wing that has taken over their party, we will keep saying "sow long" to more of them at each election.


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