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Monday, October 01, 2007

Better Stand to the Side to Avoid the Blowback

What happens when the institutions of the MSM and the Senate choose to purposefully hitch their wagon to a known false accusation against an American icon? BLOWBACK! These institutions in their desperation have taken a calculated risk. However, it does not seem they spent much time in the calculation phase. Here is the calculation that should have been made:

*--The left has consistent track record of undermining the troops
- John Kerry accusing the forces in Vietname of ...
- Tainting the entire troops for the actions of a few bad apples at Abu Graibh to score
- Taking the word of terrorists and insurgents to paint the troops running Guantanamo Bay in
a bad light
- Claiming the war is lost while our troops are in harms way continuing the fight you don't have
the stomach for
- Accusing the troops of killing innocent civilians in cold blood in Haditha before an
investigation is complete and before any charges are filed, much less being proven guilty
- Painting our troops as stupid losers with nothing going for them except to get "stuck in Iraq"
- Playing political games with the funding of our troops in harms way before finally, reluctantly
approving the funding to avoid political backlash
- Accepting the word of liars like Scott Beauchamp, Jimmy Massey, Jesse MacBeth, and
Amorita Randall without question and without fact-checking as long as it makes our troops
look bad
- Rejecting the testimony of the decorated and honorable General Petraeus not because he has
ever shown himself worthy of mistrust, but because you do not like his message

*--Rush Limbaugh has an impeccable track record of supporting the troops as outlined in a
House Resolution counter to the pathetic efforts by the Left to smear him:

- His relentless efforts to build and maintain troop morale through worldwide radio broadcasts
and personal visits to conflict regions
- He has consistently used his broadcast time to praise American troops and support them
during their ongoing efforts to secure peace in a troubled world
- He has met with troops in Afghanistan
- He raised and donated millions of dollars to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation,
which provides college scholarships to the children of Marines and veterans of other
branches killed in action
- He features an “Adopt a Soldier” program which provides them with free subscription access
to his online program features
- His desire to see American troops achieve a successful outcome in Iraq, Afghanistan and
wherever soldiers are stationed and his tireless public support for American troops and their
families through radio broadcasts, fundraising and other public support

*--The context of Limbaugh's entire segment is a clear indictment against the liars the left has embraced in order to undermine forces in harms way

*--In spite of these obstacles the plan of the Left is to:
- Extract and twist a few words of that context the left can make a good thing sound bad
- Have an insincere crowd of partisan hacks comment on the distorted claims as if they are true
- Have John Kerry give a Lurch-like speech on how offended he is
- Have Harry Reid call Rush Limbaugh unpatriotic and demand an apology (trying to have a
straight face)
- Try to pass a resolution denouncing the distortion of Rush Limbaugh's comments

There have been times that I have read a portion of what somebody has said and reacted to it according to my interpretation of the partial transcript. I later read or was pointed to the full transcript and realized my error. It is not feasible to think that these clowns do not know the truth of the matter. They are so desperate to take the heat off of their latest bad PR that blatant dishonesty seems to be their only hope. Liberals forget that they no longer have a monopoly on public discourse.

So where does the blowback come in? The public that does see this and see how low the liberals are willing to go will cause more damage than the few that hear the offhanded distortion and believe it. I have a gas grill that does not always start right away. The gas comes and comes as I turn the starter button. Finally, the gas ignites and there is a huge poof. I am lucky to come away without my eyebrows getting singed. The liberals in the MSM and the Senate will be lucky to pass from the coming blowback with only singed eyebrows.

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