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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Laugh of the Day - Read and Expel Some CO2

According to Reuters, Quebec has fallen for the scam and instituted a carbon tax with the goal of raising C$200 Million to use to reduce emissions. The carbon tax is going to be on fossil fuels gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil and coal. It will be collected from the energy companies that provide these fuels.

While one may think so, I have not yet gotten to the funny part. WARNING: Please empty your mouth of liquids before proceeding. The laugh of the day goes to this quote embedded in the story:
It wasn't immediately known whether the oil companies, including Petro-Canada (PCA.TO: Quote, Profile , Research) and Imperial Oil (IMO.TO: Quote, Profile , Research), would pass along the cost to consumers.

When are liberals going to realize that corporations do not pay taxes, people do. Every dollar that comes into a company goes into one of three places: toward a cost / investment, to employees / owners / shareholders, or into temporary holding to go in the future toward one of the first two. Every dollar a corporation must pay comes from one of three places: from an employee / owner / shareholder, from their consumers or from a temporary holding place that in the past came from one of the first two. Corporate money comes from people and goes to people. When a corporation is taxed, people must take a cut in pay / dividends or most likely people must pay more for the goods / services.

Whenever the question of whether a corporation will pass a tax increase along to the consumer (especially in the energy sector), the question of what a bear does in the woods comes to mind. Once again a liberal journalist can't see the obvious. Now go back and read the quote and expel some CO2 into the atmosphere.

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