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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Democrats think rules are for chumps

This week Tom Delay stepped down from his house Majority Leader post due to a GOP rule that requires this action when indicted. A few months ago the GOP saw that this rule born out of reasons of integrity actually opened the door for a partisan assault. The noted that Ronnie Earle was such a partisan hack that as he did with Kay Bailey Hutchison, he would likely indict Delay on flimsy to non-existent evidence just to make them invoke the rule.

There may have been a day the chances of such misuse of power so small that a rule could exist safely. Today liberal partisanship is so venomous they are breaking all the rules. Seeing a simple thing like ethics would not stop Ronnie Earle, the GOP planned to revoke the rule so Delay would not be forced to step down while Earle played his games. There was a great outcry from democrats and their cronies in the mainstream media. A picture was painted that this had a terrible stench of corruption and look of guilt to it. "The GOP always acts like they are so much better, then they renege at the first sign of trouble". This assault worked and the GOP chose to keep the rule in place. The rest is history and until Delay gets his case thrown out of court like Hutchison's, the Democrats will gloat and make hay of it.

Not so fast. While it may have been subtly noted a few times, the media did a poor job at pointing out that the Democrats HAVE NO SUCH RULE TO BEGIN WITH. Only the GOP has such a rule. The Democrats obviously think such rules are for chumps and don't want any part of it. Yet they have no problem criticizing the GOP with their trademark hypocrisy.

As has been stated over and over again: the liberals ALWAYS overplay their hand. They will do that again this time. Not only will the people see through it, but now they have lifted up a magnifying glass on campaign funds. This is the last thing the Democrats should want. It will also bite them when Delay's case like Hitchison's is also thrown out. Finally as the Dems gloat over this and other GOP issues, they still have no message palatable to the voters and will go down hard in the next elections. I wonder how many of them will be able to psychologically deal with that? 2000 and 2004 have nearly pushed them over the edge already.


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