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Monday, October 03, 2005

Wash-Post/AP bias insertion quickie

In an article about Bush's Supreme Court nomination: Harriet Meiers, the Washpost seems to feel the need to insert this bias little quickie:

"Bush, his approval rating falling in recent months, had been under intense pressure to nominate a woman or a minority."

First, Bush's approval ratings have been going up in the last week from the Katrina aftermath, so this is misleading. Second, if this AP reporter Deb Reichmann is going to bring up the issue of a minority or female pick at all, it is a glaring silence on her part that Bush has almost consistently been picking women and/or minorities for the federal seats and the Democrats have been obstructing them via filibuster. The insertion here is obviously there to try to give a picture of what is going on. Since it missed half the picture that made Bush look good and Dems look bad, the bias is overwhelming for such a little sentence.


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