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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The three sides of current politics

Instead of a clear layout of facts, today's political environment has become a clear war over public opinion. There are at least 3 entities in this war: the left cabal, the right cabal and the Bush administration. The left cabal consists of liberal politicians, MSM, blogs, the educational network, education of higher dislearning, the entertainment world, the conglomerate of countries who have a vested interest in the demise of the US, fringe militant groups for various leftist causes, some of the religious groups both normal and fringe, some of the corporate world,and labor unions. The right cabal would consist of the bulk of talk radio, a handful of newspapers, some religious groups both normal and fringe, some of the corporate world and a strong grassroots group of middle America.

While it is no surprise that the left cabal is not joined with Bush administration, there is also a wall between the right cabal and the Bush administration, though less hostile. While some might be attributed to a desire to be an administration for all of the people instead of only for political friends, there seems to be a different reason the Bush administration is keeping his friends at arms length. It is a puzzle that continues to allude my ability to piece together with certainty.


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