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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Top Dem Presidential Contenders Sign Onto Limbaugh Lie

In a desperate bid to pander to the far left, owners of today's Democrat Party, the top two Dem Presidential contenders and sitting Senators have signed their names to a known lie. The Senate Democrats have officially condemned Rush Limbaugh for a distorted version and interpretation of what he said about phony soldiers.

The fact is that a number of people have stepped forward, blatantly misrepresented their military service in order to gain a platform among easy believing lefties to trash the rest of the troops. Under any interpretation these people can without doubt be labeled as "phony soldiers". They are phony soldiers because of the lies they told about themselves and honorable troops. To distort this fact as a claim that they are phony because they oppose the war is a blatant and undeniable lie.

It is bad enough that 41 senators are willing to engage in this lie. It is far worse that the two leading Democrat Presidential contenders are among this list. While the offices of Representative and Senator are high, the office of President is the highest in the land and represents the most powerful person in the world today. It is unthinkable that a person so willing to throw truth out the window in such a high profile and reckless manner should even be considered for this honorable position. It seriously calls into question their judgment and one wonders how cheaply they will sell themselves if they ever achieved the office (and to whom).

I wrote about the coming blowback from this stunt by the Dems. The longer this goes on the more opportunities Limbaugh and other conservatives can beat them over the head again and again for their sorry record on supporting the troops, for their ultimate disparaging of the troops by calling their General a liar before he even said anything, for their track-record of eagerly jumping on the bandwagon of the phony soldiers that Rush was talking about, and for how foolish and dishonorable they are making themselves look by this distortion.

I doubt if anybody who has a favorable opinion of Rush Limbaugh will change to having an unfavorable opinion of him. In fact there will likely be some to give him a listen or another try and change to a favorable position of him. There is no doubt that this lying smear will turn off quite a number of Independents who will have a strong unfavorable opinion of the Democrats involved. These are the kind of missteps that steal defeat from the jaws of victory. A few more at the "right" time and the Dems will be panicking wondering what went wrong.

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