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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Punishment Gluttons

The word 'gluttony' can only be truly appreciated by either viewing it or receiving a vivid description of it. The mildest form of gluttony can be simple overeating. From there advanced gluttons make eating a Olympic feat, gorging themselves with a constant flow of food. In the very worst form, the glutton is never satisfied with eating even after the capacity to take in more food ends. When the glutton can eat no more without bursting, vomiting is induced to make more room and the marathon continues. A glutton for punishment accomplishes the same thing with actions that cause others to saddle them with painful consequences to their words or actions. They find creative ways to continue encouraging others to deal their blows (physical or symbolic) long after their capacity to endure it ends. They simply cannot help themselves.

In a string of missteps the Dems keep handing conservatives one thing after another to beat them over the head with. As the Dems continue to reel from the Betray-Us ad fiasco and subsequent fallout, they jumped on a distortion of Rush Limbaugh's words spinning that he disparaged some of the troops. Now with a track record of undermining the troops at every possible turn, making the Limbaugh charge laughable, David Obey has found another way to undermine the troops. He has signaled initiating another round of games when it comes to supporting the troops with funding. He wants to try to attach two stinking red herrings to any funding bills: a withdrawal timetable and a tax hike.

The sheer hypocrisy of their feigned outrage over distorted comments by Limbaugh and others should be obvious to all. If not, it becomes yet another payload of ammunition to distribute during campaigns and public commentary. Ever since David Obey was assaulted by his own anti-war friends in a now famous video, he has probably been waiting for an opportunity to prove his loyalty and prevent another incident. Unfortunately for him, he branched out on his own with this step. It is unusual for Dems to see when they are overplaying their hands, but it seems Nancy Pelosi sees the damage this can incur and has soundly rejected the tax hike. Too late. Instead of sparing the Dems of any punishment, this gave conservatives the opportunity to poke fun at Pelosi for finally meeting a tax she did not like. So the punishment continues.

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