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Monday, August 17, 2009

No Lauer You Got it Wrong

Newsbusters quotes Matt Lauer in an interview with Howard Dean trying to define the health care public option. He says:

MATT LAUER: Let, let's start by making sure people understand exactly what we're talking about when we say this public option. This is a government-run insurance agency that would give people greater choice, some say break the monopoly held by the private insurers and, thus, drive down costs. Is that fair?

How can anything so ignorant come out of the mouth of somebody who styles himself as being informed? First, he displays an ignorance of the word Monopoly. The 's' at the end of his word insurers should tell him there is no monopoly. While there are some dental insurers in the list to ignore, has a long list of health insurance companies:

(long, ugly list moved to comments for aesthetic reasons)

Hardly evidence of a monopoly. What Matt Lauer misses in his quest for the forest (due to so many trees blocking his view) is that the Public Option instead of breaking any monopoly, will most likely create one leaving Government Health Insurance the only insurer standing. While real life insurers must contend with the hard constraint of the necessity of bringing more money in than they actually distribute in order to survive, the Public Option will have no such constraint. They just go to the taxpayer and say "Oops, this costs bunch more than we thought and we need more money".

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Share the Health

I am thankful for my health care. In the last two years my family has really needed it. I wish everybody had it. That said, I am against my government forcing me to share a portion of my piece of the pie so others can have it.

Obama has stated for the record that he supports a single payer health system. A single payer health system means all health care payments come from a single source. That can only be a source that IS the government or is controlled by the government. In spite of White House efforts to blur / hide / distort the truth, Barack Obama has never to my knowledge come out and denounced his support for a single payer health system, so I can assume he still supports it. If the ObamaCare plan is passed, it will easily in the future be changed into the single payer system he wants. This plan's clear hostility to existing employer based health care benefits makes their future obselescence a near guarantee.

Setting aside the complete farce that my taxes will not go up to pay for this program, the fact is that this program will result in "Share the Health". Whether it is share the wealth or share the health, liberals always conjure plans based on the notion there is a finite pie. In order for others who do not currently have any pie to obtain some, they want to force me and others to give a portion of our slices to be shared. Setting aside the unfairness of taking from me something that
I earned, the fact is that I will have a smaller slice of pie.

Today I have a very good health care insurance program. My insurance will help me keep more of what I have worked hard for by reducing my risk exposure. My insurance will enhance my quality of life by providing thorough and timely care when me or my family needs it. In the end, my insurance provides care that will likely help me to live longer. When we are on a single payer system, my health care will certainly be less thorough and less timely leading to risks that have a good chance of reducing my life expectancy.

On a final note: watch out for the words "comprehensive reform" regardless of whether it applies to health care or immigration. Fix the root causes first. In this case, fix the causes of health care spiraling costs. The reluctance to do this is obvious. So Democrats are asking us to foot the bill for their package because the do not have the courage to fix the problems. Instead we are being asked to accept a "share the health" scam that will ultimately lead to more bearacracy and government control, higher deficits and higher taxes. No thanks.

P.S. If this post happens to make it onto the White House "Fishy" list, I have a special message for them: Talk about fishy, your propoganda machine puts out a stench worse than a seafood processing plant.

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