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Monday, June 27, 2005

It's all I can stands cuz I can't stands no more Posted by Hello

Kudos for Albany

Albany has halted the expansion of the UN building. While it is not clear why they did it, it is hopefully related to the Oil for Food scandal , Peacekeeper rape scandal, America bashing tendencies, and utter failures in Rawanda, Sudan and other places.

While the UN is trying hard to undercut the sovereignty of the US, it is refreshing to see a mere local government shove a stick in their eye.

Disappointing times for conservatives

Amid the rabid words and actions of the country's left, you would think the conservatives were winning one victory over another. As the Republicans fight the Democrats with both hands tied behind their backs they are dealt one blow after another. It is difficult to tell if the Bush Administration is flailing aimlessly or is feigning the appearance of a rudderless ship to throw the other side off guard.

Generally, in recent weeks all news has been disappointing. There is the stalled Bolton nomination, the Supreme Court ruling blessing government seizure of private property for any reason they want. The recent leak that Alberto Gonzales is topping the list to replace a Supreme Court vacancy is disturbing. The disastrous appointments of Souter and Kennedy by Republicans combined with the Dem appointment of ACLU lefty Ginsberg have reaked havoc on at least 80% of decisions since.

While it is the complete lunacy of the Democrats that keeps Republicans winning elections, those victories are not producing any fruit. With less than 1.5 years until the next election, the GOP better deliver some significant items or they are in danger of the base staying home.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

No Comparison

The Democrats must be tired of getting beaten up for their outrageous remarks until they apologize under the pressure. Now they want to try it on Karl Rove for making factual statements. First, Rove was on the theme of radical liberal groups like and used the word "liberals" - not "Democrats". Second, there were many liberals before, during and after our response in Afganistan that would have preferred the route of appeasement. The Democrats seem to be so desparate to dish back what they keep deservedly getting, that now making low key, factual statement are now offenses worthy of resignation.

Karl Rove is master of the "rope a dope" and this is another brilliant stroke. After Durbin's foolish and offensive rhetoric, you couldn't use dynamite to get the Dems to repudiate his statements. Now Rove makes his spot-on comments and the Dems find their voice to condemn. Rove could really one-up Durbin on his "I'm sorry if I offended you" bit by saying "I'm sorry if the truth hurts".

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Supreme lefts choose capitalism

It is completely ironic that the left leaning justices on the Supreme Court have sided with capitalist real estate developers against the property rights of individuals. While the left usually has nothing but disdain for capitalism, this decision gives them a "two-fer" in their other causes. First, it will mean more revenue dollars in the government coffers by replacing homes with stores and malls that will bring in more tax revenue. Second, liberals are very selective in which rights they wish to champion. Property rights are not on their list. Property rights are geared too much toward the individual and liberals loath individualism. On a side note liberals are selective on who is included in the rights they do champion: only liberal free speech and non-christian religious freedom are championed.

So while most days they are snuggling up to Russian/Asian communists or European socialists this time we find them in bed with a strange bedfellow: the capitalists.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Durbin apology - take 2

Dick Durbin took a step closer to an apology for his outrageous and irresponsible comments comparing actions at Gitmo to some of the most inhumane regimes in history. However, careful inspection of his words do not reflect that a) he actually thinks he created a grave offense b) that he is actually sorry for doing something horribly wrong.

The first attempt could be boiled down to "I'm sorry if you misunderstood me..." . This attempt can be boiled down to "I'm sorry if you were offended by my words...". A true apology would leave out the word "if". When he states he had an error in judgement, he does not make it clear that he says something wrong leaving it likely he realizes it was a political error in judgement - ooh, this could hurt me politically so I better apologize.

The proof of my premise is the ridiculous quote of Abraham Lincoln that boiled down basically reveals he thinks that some day his statement wil be vindicated. In fact, this "apology" could easily be backed away from in the unlikely event that these claims were vindicated at some point in the future.

A real apology would have given examples of the unfathomable suffering during the Nazi camps, Pol Pot killing fields and Russian gulag then show how comparing any issue at Gitmos is like comparing Mt. Everest to a speck of dust.

Durbin has shown a complete lack of judgement and a sense of reality. He has shown himself unworthy of holding the office he holds. While I do not join the crowd to demand resignations at these times of foolishness, I would hope that the people of my state of Illinois would mark and remember this at the next election.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Durbin in logic meltdown

Senator Durbin (who I am ashamed to say is from my homestate) has outrageously compared men and women in uniform to some of the worst regimes in history and then claims he is not criticizing them. He says:

"To suggest I'm criticizing American servicemen, I am not. I don't know who was responsible for this. But the FBI agent made this report ... I was attributing this form of interrogation to repressive regimes. Now sadly we have a situation here where some in the right wing media have said that I've been insulting men and women in uniform. Nothing could be further from the truth. I respect men and women in the uniform."

Who does he think is doing the interrogations? Since military personnel are doing them, and he claims he is not insulting them logically we must assume that he is praising them and the regimes he compares them to. For those that think I am off base here are the logical steps slowly:

1) Military personnel are conducting interrogations of Gitmo prisoners (these would be men and women in uniform conducting or overseeing this)
2) Durbin compares interrogation techniques to atrocities under Nazis, Pol Pot, etc.
3) Durbin claims he is not insulting them and that he has respect for them.
4) Durbin must appreciate and respect those named regimes that committed atrocities.

Now I do not believe he has high regard for Pol Pot and company, but his statements are showing what a dim bulb he is and he really is beneath such a prestigious position as US Senator. The lack of rebukes from members of his party show once again that with them the party comes before the reputation of the country.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Prediction - Criticism for the underwater barrier

Israel is planning to build an underwater barrier to prevent terror attacks from the sea. They will soon be relinquishing a naval base in southern Gaza currently used to monitor against potential attacks from the sea.

I predict that we will soon be hearing harsh criticism against this just like against the wall of protection they built on land. It seems these days that if either Israel or the US takes any action to protect themselves, that action meets with world criticism. There is no logic to these criticism's, so the critics must just hate the thought of these two countries extending their existence.

Look for liberal groups with anti-US and anti-semetic tendencies to mask their agenda in rhetoric that this will hurt the environment. After all, the environmental movement is a poorly veiled mask for those who simply wish to weaken the US.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dual Standards

Imagine Barny Fife challenging Andy Taylor to a fight and after being pressed relentlessly Andy finally agrees. As Andy stands there with his hands at his sides, Barny is leaping around erratically swinging his fists but completely missing him. Finally, Andy takes one fist and raps Barny on the nose whereupon Barny runs off complaining about Andy's underhanded, low-down, cheap-shot methods.

In our congress the rhetoric of the Democrats continues to scream along at a fevered pitch. The name calling and comparisons to humanities worst monsters are daily fare. Finally a Republican with the excitement and energy of a lumbering brown bear grunts out some rebuttal like "over the top" or "reprehensible" and the Democrats scream like a stuck pig and cry foul.

The sad thing is that mainstream media outlets just go along with it as if it is normal and correct. It is as if the Mayberry townspeople surround Barny and give dirtly looks over their shoulder at Andy the "bully".

Theft of communication

There seems to be a conspiracy to systematically steal our ability to distinctly communicate ideas. One motive is likely that given a level opportunity to communicate ideas, one side of the spectrum always soundly trounces the other side. Until recent years this was handled by merely blocking that side from having a microphone or printed page - but that is history.

Now by strategically attacking communication, robs the ability to clearly present ideas. The plan includes taking all superlatives and extremes and relagating them to the mediocre and routine. The way Amnesty, Dick Durbin and others have recently been throwing around the terms "gulag", "Nazi", "Facist" and names like "Pol Pot" takes the worst of human history and assigns them to the equivalent of speeding tickets and jaywalking. By taking advantage of the complete or partial ignorance of most on the details of these atrocious elements of the human experience, they rob us of the times when truly equivalent actions are revealed to point back, warn and denounce. Additionally, these examples spit on the graves of these poor victims of monstrocities for the base goal of winning a mere political point or two. They look at the gaunt eyes and frame of the victims and heartlessly state "You died in vain and your worth is forgotten."

Monday, June 13, 2005

Winning and losing

The Democratic Party has in my opinion taken a strategic position in their political game. Each party has goals and rules they play by. Republicans want to win elections but do not seem too worried about winning in their agenda. Democrats seem willing to continue losing elections, but insist on winning in the agenda war. Republicans want to play a gentlemen's game and the Democrats believe all's fair in love and war. The fact is after winning a majority of election cycles in the last 25 years, the Republicans have not only failed to keep the country from lurching left they have participated in the process. Most major liberal victories have come at the hands of a Republican or group of them: David Souter, failure to enact the nuclear option, Jumping Jeffords, no child left behind, illegal immigration encouragements, etc. Republicans seem so prone to compromise while Democrats dig in their heels and never say die. In summary, the lines of winning and losing are not clearly defined. It seems to many conservatives that the elected Republicans are the puppet kings for the Democrats.

Tell the G8 to tax newspapers

Apparently the G8 wants to tax airline tickets all over the world to send financial aid to Africa. First, this is yet another shameless attempt to get their hands into the pockets of America. There are two main reasons that the US should resist taxation from any agency outside our borders: sovereignty and corruption. To yield even a fraction of our sovereignty would be the greatest debacle since the creation of the UN. Whenever the yielding of sovereignty is discussed they never look first to China, Russia, Iran, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, etc. No, they look first to the US since their goal is to with one stroke both weaken the US as well as extract our hard earned money. While they insist on holding onto their socialism with an iron grip to their financial doom, and cursing our capitalism - they have no problem asking for our capitalist dollars.

Another critical reason to resist any encroachment on our dollars or power is the massive corruption that exists among world bodies - corruption with no accountability. In our country we at least have a chance to defeat corruption at the ballot box. Where the rest of the world would love to weaken the US, there would be no restraint on their taking action to do just that once their foot is in the door.

Finally, of all things to tax - the already financially challenged airline industry??What do these guys use for brains. If they are going to tax an industry, I say we push to tax newspapers and magazine publications. Consider it a taxation on anti-americanism.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Creativity lacking among protesters

it does not take much creativity to strip off your clothes and walk around. That seems to be the protester antic of the moment. Almost every week there is some group stripping down and marching, biking, or just standing and protesting. I think they should put more creativity in their message than in their antics. Their message is never very creative and can usually be summarized in the phrase "I hate America".