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Thursday, October 20, 2011

OWS and the Great Clear Debate

Working a few blocks from the Chicago version of Occupy Wall St. has given me a pretty close view of this group. The first day I went I was interviewed by a camera crew. I was sort of surprised, so I did not ask who they were with. I basically stated that I could not easily grasp any coherent message the group was trying to convey. I also underscored my view that this country needs to decide what kind of country we want to live in economically. We can either live in a country that pursues the American Dream where economically the sky is the limit OR we could live in a country where there is a limit to the wealth we can acquire so it is distributed more evenly.

I have gone by to look at the crowd of protesters a few more times since. Each time my goal has been to identify one individual who looks intelligent, engaged and will have a peaceful conversation with me. I have not yet identified that person. Standing across the street staring at the group for several minutes and still at a loss, I cannot imagine the quick passersby either walking or driving could glean anything meaningful to draw them to the crowd.

I actually would love for this group to succeed in conveying a clear message instead of their message being hijaacked by the media or the Democrats. It looks to me like this group wants to be honest in their views, while the media and the Dems seem obsessed with encouraging the group while at the same time obscuring their message. I have felt for some time that what this country needs is an honest, open, clear debate about the issues and may the best message win. OWS seems to be the best opportunity for that debate to happen.

When the Tea Party came on the scene, the Dems and the Media did everything to obscure and corrupt their message. Conservatives should not and do not need to obscure the OWS message. Conservatives need to do all they can to assist OWS to clearly define and communicate their message. We will then be in a better position to have the debate this country desperately needs.