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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama Two Week Report Card

Two weeks into the Obama Presidency, I still do not fully know the direction Obama is taking us. Sure I have a better idea than before, but I need a little more time to fully resolve. There are three things that are shaping his decisions:

1) Who Obama is at the core
2) The people he owes for getting him in office
3) What he wants his legacy to be

I wanted to add a fourth factor - his desire for the good of the country, but I don't know him well enough yet - nor seen any evidence that he takes that into consideration.

I have been disturbed by what Obama has chosen to focus on in the first days in office. One of the first things he does upon waking up after the Inauguration festivities is to call Palastinian President Abbas making it a point to ensure he was the first foreign leader that was called. Later Obama would grant his first Presidential TV interview to the foreign Arab News al-Arabiya. This is a telling sign that Obama believes that if we kiss enough terrorist behind, that it will make us safer. This is the kind of liberal thinking that will get Americans killed. The Saudis have stated they like Obama's new tone. What we did not hear was the laughter behind closed doors.

Speaking of more Americans getting killed, next Obama signs the Executive Order to close Guantanimo Bay within a year. This is a bone to the nutroots who got him elected. There are no details of where the detainees will go. Read some stories here of released detainees that have been caught later in terrorist activities. One day in the future we will be seeing loved ones of victims decrying the closing of Guantanimo because one of the released terrorists pulled off an attack.

Speaking of mass murder, another item at the top of Obama's agenda was to restore funding to foreign groups that perform and support abortions.

Obama signed another executive order banning aggressive treatment of detainees such as waterboarding. Of course, there was some legal hocus pocus that actually leaves the door open to allow it if it really is necessary.

Finally, Obama has spent a lot of effort and energy to promote the trillion dollar stimulus package. This package mostly consists of wealth redistribution (for rebate checks to those who don't pay taxes) and a boatload of pork. Some of that pork includes $4-5 billion for top voter fraud organization ACORN (quite an expensive thank-you note), $50 million for "the arts", $25 million to repair damaged ATV trails (cool, but I don't want to pay for it), $650 million to help people switch to digital TV, $335 million for STD prevention, $70 million to help people stop smoking (will Obama take advantage of that?).

It is thoroughly disgusting that every time the GOP wants to cut taxes, the media comes out with all the hand wringing about how we cannot afford it, asking how we are going to pay for it. So far I have seen next to nothing like that from the media over the addition of a trillion dollars to the debt load for our children and grandchildren.

That is my summary of Obama's first two weeks in office. I truly tried to find something positive to say about him, but could not find anything. Sure, there are a few things he has not (yet) done wrong but there is still plenty of time. So far, Obama gets a D- from the Logic Lifeline.

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Gran Torino Review

Yes, I know it has been out a few weeks. My wife and I finally went out last night and saw Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood. Sometimes when seeing previews of a movie you just feel it in your bones that it will be good. Such was the case with Gran Torino, and I was eager to see it. Our schedule just would not allow it until last night. I must say the movie by far exceeded my expectations. While there are many movies that are good, but have moments that are so-so as the next climax is built; every moment of Gran Torino was enjoyable. Clint Eastwood was absolutely fantastic! There was a small bonus during the roll of the credits at the end, too that I won't give away. If you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It was the best movie I have seen in months. Ok, the recent dry spell in quality doesn't make that statement stand out like I would wish. The bottom line is that this is a must see.


Friday, January 09, 2009

AICS will remain on hiatus until PEBO becomes POTUS

I hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Years holiday. I enjoyed my trip to Japan to see my son. Unfortunately, my wife and I became sick during the trip. I was sick but functional while my wife was bedridden all but one day. We got to visit our son, but other than going to a few local establishments including "American Village", we did not really get to sink our teeth into the place like we normally do when we travel. Maybe next time.

I am going to continue on hiatus until after the Inauguration. The current events are leaving me disgusted instead of inspiring me to write. I also have a few other things to focus on at work and home and do not have the time to write at the moment. All for now.