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Monday, July 09, 2007

One of the Reasons I Have Lost My Passion

From some time back.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Time and Passion

For some time now I have been posting very little and I thought I would offer a word of explanation. At this particular juncture in life I find that I have very little time left after meeting my duties of work and family. In times past my time has been the same, yet I managed to put out some posts frequently. I think we tend to make time for what we are passionate about. There are limitations to that statement though. We may be passionate about gardening, but only have any time when it is night and cannot garden very effectively in the dark. Blog posting can be done at any time of day, so if there is enough passion it can be done.

I have had difficulty finding any passion within myself to write about world events. Sometimes when something happens I have a brief fire within me, but cannot write until a day or two. By then I am yawning about it. Other times I feel that the world is so brainwashed by leftist thinking that anything I have to say is like throwing a cup of water into a burning building. It is true if enough people threw a cup of water, the fire would go out. Sometimes it is hard to resist the thought that nobody will miss my cup.

The Logic Lifeline is a piece of my soul that I have given for others to see. When others appreciate it I am glad I did. For that reason I am not willing to let it go, but for now I just do not know when I will have enough passion to contribute anything frequently. I feel badly when I see in my Sitemeter that many of my loyal readers take the time to come here and see if there is something new, knowing that only sometimes will they have something new to read. I feel worse when I see that some have given up for now and do not return.

Maybe it is a summer slump. Maybe when the election cycle is in full vigor, my zeal will return. Maybe if, God forbid, a Dem becomes president I will rise to counter him/her. I truly believe that the Left has much egg that will fly on their face on issues such as global warming, the war on terror, taxation, the Bush economy, illegal immigration and more. When the time comes I want to be here to join the egg tossing. For now, I trudge along as best I can and try to keep the coals burning until I am ready to stoke the flame.