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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Obama Smoking - What is the Big Deal?

So President Obama still hasn't kicked the smoking habit. Should we be concerned about it? After all a lot of people smoke. Ever since I heard Obama was a smoker I really have not thought much of it, other than that it is foolish and a nagging question about the discipline of a man in the most powerful position in the world. After all shouldn't this position be filled by somebody who is driven by the desire to succeed? Well, I shrugged my shoulders and figured there were more important fish to fry.

Then I suddenly saw a parallel between his smoking and his political views. As a smoker, he knows the dangers that are written on every pack. With each year of smoking, Obama risks shortening his life and facing an early, gruesome demise. In order to satisfy an addiction and enjoy the pleasures of immediate gratification, Obama risks the future of his life.

Likewise, Obama in order to satisfy the politicians addiction to massive deficit spending and enjoy the pleasures of immediate gratification to push an expensive political agenda, Obama is risking the future of the life of this country. Everybody, incuding me, was furious with George W. Bush for his excessive deficit spending. Yet we have seen Obama blow past Bush's indescretions with wreckless abandon. Facing a time where 1) Our entitlement commitments are higher than ever 2) The amount of revenue that goes to interest on our debt is higher than ever 3) The value of the dollar is at high risk 4) The main support of our debt is a country with a Communist government that is showing a rapidly waning appetite to continue. These are just the highlights. In short, the house of cards is at risk of a major collapse and the risk is growing.

In summary if Obama does not value his own life enough to overcome his smoking addiction, what confidence do we have that he values his country enough to take the necessary steps to save it? I believe there is every chance the same faulty line of reasoning that puts his life in jeopardy puts the country at risk.