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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Since we have not had enough discussion of hurricanes

Rightly so, coverage on Katrina has been wall to wall. My heart truly goes out to the victims. My anger goes out to the kooks trying to politicize the hurricane tragedy. I wonder which comes first with these people the chicken or the egg? Do they see a disaster and have a knee-jerk reaction to blame Bush? Or do they go to the news each day asking "What can I blame on Bush today"? These Bush blamers are eating themselves up inside. They spew hate and have relatively few facts or substantiation to their claims.

Speaking of facts: here is an interesting link showing a history of hurricanes striking the US mainland over the last century. Boy, alot of global warming going on back there (even when they were decrying global cooling). Lots even before Bush came along. Facts are funny things.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You'll never believe who I am giving Kudos to today

I was pleasantly surprised to see this story on the NYTimes website. While the lines form with kooks blaming the Bush administration for the destructive hurricanes in recent years, this article shows how statistically the hurricanes are normal. The quick rush to blame global warming (caused by Bush and other evil Republicans of course) somehow sounds feasible yet 1.8 tons of enriched uranium, a centrifuge and nuclear blueprints, mustard gas and other discoveries does not conclude that WMD were found.

One thing you will not likely hear a liberal say is "Good point, but I think ...". No, there are never concessions with them, just a constant east wind of everything done by a conservative is wrong. The next step in the disease is to start blaming conservatives for everything wrong.

Thank you, NY times for printing this piece that shows the other side of things. I don't know what else you said elsewhere, because I don't read you cover to cover but printing this was responsible journalism. Maybe they are starting to be concerned about their credibility. Kudos.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Will the Bush administration continue to sleep with the enemy?

According to this story there is a known administration official who was given proof of the Able Danger - Atta connection. There is a video of a chart with Atta's photo in a presentation given to the Heritage Foundation. Since the video has no close up, this is not yet proof but the context of the video with statements by Weldon and the chart seem to lend some credibility that this was discussed. This chart was the unclassified version, but Weldon states he gave a copy of the full classified version where Atta's picture is clearly visible to administration official Steve Hadley.

If past performance is indicative, my prediction is that the Bush administration is going to state that they can not find the file given to Hadley. From Pardongate, to Clinton passing on a chance to get Bin Laden, to Sandy Berger, the Bush administration seems to have no stomach for whole-heartedly going after any democrat for criminal behavior, gross negligence or deception. My guess is now that Curt Weldon and others have stuck their neck out to get to the truth, Bush will throw them under the bus to avoid a partisan confrontation.

We all know how the media would spin an agressive investigation into democrat wrong doing, but if they did wrong it is the right thing to do to pursue it. Don't let people hang out to dry for doing the right thing. It is obvious that no friendship can occur nor points scored with the left. Whether you confront them or embrace them, they will hate you because either way you have acquired political power that was once theirs and they view it as their right to keep regardless of the electorate.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why Arlen Specter?

The good news is that there will likely be Senate hearings on the Able Danger revelations. The bad news is that according to what I am seeing in this report it may be Arlen Specter heading up the hearings. Arlen Specter is on the Judiciary Committee (as we all sadly know), so why is he the one leading this charge? Only 2 possibilities here. He was asked to do it. If he was asked to do it, who asked him and why? If he volunteered, again I ask why would he do that. There are three areas that leave me to determine he is not the best man for the job:
  • Arlen Specter is a liberal leaning RINO that has often let us down when you really need him. So I am not filled with confidence that he will follow this to the fullest extent it needs to be, especially if it might hurt a liberal he is friends with
  • He is going to be very busy on the Judiciary committee with the Roberts confirmation hearings. One will certainly distract the other. While I may want him distracted from the Roberts hearings, the person leading the Able Danger hearings should be able to focus 100%
  • Arlen has health problems that might prevent him from a tenacious performance.
So with questions of principle, distraction and health Specter needs to be ruled out. Hopefully, he is merely a catalyst for starting this up and a pit bull like Norm Coleman will lead the hearings.

"The ACLU vs. America" - by Alan Seares

There is a Worldnetdaily commentary on a new book by Alan Sears called "The ACLU vs. America: Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values". I have posted several times on the ACLU about their goals to destroy the US. This book shows their evil goals from their founding.

Sears begins his commentary with an opening that strikes to the heart of the matter:

"One of the great myths of the 20th – and now 21st – century is the belief that the American Civil Liberties Union was an organization that had a noble beginning, but somehow strayed off course.

That myth is untrue. The ACLU set a course to destroy America – her freedom and her values – right from the start."

Sears includes a damning quote by the founder of the ACLU, Roger Baldwin:

I am for Socialism, disarmament and ultimately, for the abolishing of the State itself ... I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.

Quotes like these and the history of the ACLU, should cause a person to question the media that has portrayed this destructive group as mainstream for all these years. Educated consumers of news are beginning to see through the years of deceit by the mainstream media and asking why they should continue to look to them for news when they cannot trust them. Their dwindling ratings and circulation, shows the results of those questions.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ruth's Example

A quote from Ruth Bader Ginsberg at her confirmation hearings regarding how she would rule on specific issues is probably the only sensible thing to come out of her mouth and should be used by Roberts: " hints, no forcasts, no previews..."

Show us the DNA

Several things need to be shown in the Lance Armstrong doping claim before we jump to conclusions. As we know France has hated the fact that an American has won the Tour de France for 7 straight years instead of a frenchman. It would not be surprising to find that they framed Lance. It is quite suspicious that they are going back to 6 year old urine from secondary samples. Some questions need to be answered before a doping charge is considered proven:

  • The French lab needs to prove that these samples have been secured by indisputable procedures without any chance that a nationalistic Frenchman could not have made a switch or added the chemicals that would produce a positive test
  • If it has not already been done, a DNA test on the urine should check to make sure the urine in question is actually Lance's in addition to the speciman security proof.
  • Since this drug elevates red blood counts and Lance was just coming off of cancer treatment and recovery and the doping test is only a few years old, we need 100% scientific proof that none of the cancer treatments could have actually triggered a false positive of the drug
If there was no DNA test, no security proof and the French claim they used up the entire sample in this test and therefore cannot do a DNA test, the issue should be dropped immediately.

Update: According to this Breitbart article Armstrong in his autobiography "
said he was administered EPO during his chemotherapy treatment to battle cancer." This relates to my third point, and shows the mean spirited nature and sore loser mentality of the French to attack a man for residue from his cancer treatments if it even exists.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Makeover spokesman - John Kerry

Like Ted Kennedy seems to have a compulsion disorder to make references to water, John Kerry brings up the topic of makeovers. Whether it is the Botox/tanning treatments or reinventing himself three times during the 2004 campaign, it humorous to hear him reference anything to do with "makeover".

In this CNN story Kerry calls against making over the Democrat party to avoid having a second Republican party. If that is a call to remain water carriers to the loony types, thank you John Kerry for the future victories you have now given the GOP.

Now if only the GOP would get a makeover that exfoliates away the RINOs (Republican in name only).

Science or Faith?

While scientists have ridiculed people of faith for some time now, it is my contention that the scientific community often relies too heavily on what they believe instead of going through the scientific method to arrive at an unbiased conclusion. There is an article in the NY Times that reports of a scientist resigning from a panel of scientists researching global warming. He resigned because the other panel members were so locked into their "faith" that global warming exists they could even consider the possibility it does not exist. While I do not have the link, I recall a story last week about a someone working for a museum losing his job because he gave a favorable opinion of an article on Intelligent Design. Scientists have long let their bias on the theory of evolution block get in the way of a true attempt to discover facts. Their faith in Darwin's theory influences every thing they do.

It is like a murder investigation where the chief detective is convinced a certain individual committed the crime. If a junior detective might express a contradictory opinion, he is fired or ejected from the case. How many innocent people are now being freed by DNA evidence after serving 10-20 years because the investigation was a foregone conclusion?

If the scientists are going to use faith instead of science to "prove" their claims they should stop ridiculing others for doing the same.

Trent Lott's Sour Grapes

Trent Lott is settling some scores over his ouster from the Senate leadership. I think he has a right to do so, since nobody had the spine to stand up to the hypocritical Dems and media who give every liberal bigot a free pass yet crucified Lott. He should not have been turned out for his comments.

That said, I am glad he was taken out of his leadership position because he is a weak compromiser. Unfortunately, Frist leans that way too.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Don't let voters believe only talk

The Dems may have the GOP on the run with the immigration issue. The Dem governors of Arizona and New Mexico have seemingly come out for stronger immigration policies. This overture can be a winner in two ways. First, if the GOP does nothing the Dems may be able to win votes - even the presidency by merely paying lip service to a tighter border. Second, they may pull a rope-a-dope by getting the GOP to come out very strong on the border then paint them as racists to the hispanic voters.

Since the water carrying media will not point out the lip service only aspect of the Dems, nor brand Dems as racist - the Dems can pull this off more easily. Since this is such an important issue to the GOP base, alot of pressure could force the rope-a-dope.

What can the GOP do? First, they need to deny the Dems the ability to glean votes by merely talking. The Dems paying lip service need to be pressured into actually making a move or pull the issue off the table. If they cannot do that, then the GOP can offer to co-sponsor bills with the Dems. This will appeal to the base and call the Dem's bluff. Second, the GOP needs to formulate a campaign directed at the hispanic voters showing what progress has been made advancing hispanics in the middle class. The hispanic community must be convinced that the security breach is too dangerous leave open. The issue is tricky, but can be handled in such a way that will actually glean votes from the hispanic community. Many are already on board.

Unfortunately, the current plan seems to be to wait for a terrorist attack and then reluctantly point that the border is the cause where it will be easier to pass. The lives that will be lost are on both the heads of the Dems, GOP and the media who make use the issue as a way to bludgeon the GOP.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

ACLU critical of yet another security measure

The ACLU which always has criticism and no solutions that help, is critical of yet another measure aimed at preventing terrorists from flying in airplanes. It is actually fresh criticism of an existing measure - the no fly list - because sometimes infants get caught up in the list and the group is delayed.

On the infant issue, the TSA has already taken steps to prevent this by issuing a policy that if the name matches a child no delay is necessary. It is the airlines that are still stopping them, likely due to a real fear of being sued if there is some mistake and a terrorist gets through. I guess it is the price you pay for naming your kid Muhammed Atta.

On the list itself, there is no known alternative that is less invasive of privacy rights than the no-fly list. Without the list there is no hope of filtering out the bad guys from flying on planes. Yet again we have a policy designed to catch terrorists and make the US safer, but the ACLU resists. I think every name of an ACLU member should be on the list as they have proven themselves to be traitors against the US at every turn.

Monday, August 15, 2005

ACLU Here is your chance

Ok, here is a chance for the ACLU to show they can devote funds and time to something other than trying to weaken the US or take down its Judeo-Christian heritage. Apparently a swimming pool in Seattle thinks it is a good idea to give a specific religion a special swim time when only they have access to the pool. They are setting aside a time that only Muslim women and children can go in the pool, exluding everyone else. Imagine establishing a Christian gospel hour where only Christians are allowed. Will the ACLU show some consistency in their claims when it comes to a non-christian group. I doubt it.

Italy stiff-arms the politically correct

Yet another European country - Italy - puts common sense ahead of political correctness. They have identified over 700 potential terrorists and have began the process of expelling them. Why in the US do we continue to worry about offending people instead of protect them? Read about Italy's common sense decision.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ms. Gorelick, tear down this wall

Ok, I heard that one on the radio, so I did not originate it but it sounds so good I had to use it. In the days leading up to my vacation I had to work so much overtime I did not have time to post on Gorelick's wall. This will likely be as huge a story as the oil-for-food scandal. In other words, a huge story that goes untold for the most part due to the media being water carriers for the Dems, especially Hillary.

In a nutshell Jamie Gorelick was Janet Reno's assistant AG. She wrote a memo that established a wall between the military and the FBI concerning exchanges of intelligence. When a military funded data mining project called Able Danger was able in 2000 to identify a terrorist cell that included 911 leader Atta and 3 other 911 terrorists, they wanted to share this with the FBI. Pentagon lawyers argued they were restrained from doing so by Gorelick's wall. 3000 bodies later, the rest is history.

When some attempted to raise this issue during the 911 commission hearings, it was squelched by Gorelick who somehow happened to be on the commission, refusing to recuse herself. We all saw the discusting sight of the GOP members of that commission yet again trying to be friends with the Dems instead of doing what they were commissioned to do: find the causes of 911. All along, the Dems were ignoring their commission by doing all they could to pin 911 on Bush. Of course the media went along with this. In a long trail of credibility bleeding events, the media actually treated the commission seriously instead of revealing it for the circus that it was.

The key questions of the story are 1) How in the world did Jamie Gorelick get on the commission? It would be very revealing to find out who made that recommendation. 2) What did the other Dem commission members know going into this, since it was obvious she should have recused herself during the discussion of the wall and none of Dems pressed for her doing so? 3) What were the classified documents Sandy Berger stuffed in his clothes when he was preparing for his 911 testimony? How was he able to cut a deal without revealing what he stole and later destroyed?

The bottom line is that without the Gorelick wall, 911 would likely not have taken place. The FBI would have been able to investigate Atta and likely see that his group was training to fly planes. Knowing they were a likely terrorist cell and that they were training to fly commercial aircraft it would have been very easy to connect the dots.

Cindy Sheehan creates sticky situation

Cindy Sheehan, mother of a fallen soldier, is creating a sticky situation - not for Bush, but for those who wish to comment on her unusual behavior in Crawford, TX. Bush is a man of principle that makes decisions based on principle, disregarding polls and protestors. However, with the media ignoring the Gorelick wall and the Air America embezzlement but giving alot of attention to Cindy Sheehan, critics of her statements and the ensuing media attention are placed in a sticky situation.

I am grateful for the sacrifice her son made and respectful of her loss. I also respect her right to protest and disagree with policy. It is a sticky situation to comment on, to ensure that gratitude and respect remain intact. What I focus on is to yet again evaluate the thought processes of the media. The media feels no such restraint and is more than willing to use this poor women as a pawn in their never ending quest to bash Bush.

The most I will say about her is that she obviously is suffering emotionally or psychologically from her loss and/or some other events in her life. This obvious from her 180 degree change from her meeting with President Bush. Additionally, she is now stating that Israel needs to get out of Palestine. The next logical step in her direction is to convert to Islam, if she indeed goes further down this path against the urgings of her family.

The media never quite sees the damage they do to their credibility by locking on to people like this. Whether it is Mick Jagger singing a Bush bashing song, or Bono, or Michael Moore, or some other wild eyed partisan, the media continues to latch on to anyone they can use as an excuse to bash Bush. In some ways you would think they were out to help Bush, knowing how people will view the nature of the people they continue to parade before us. As they continue to bleed credibility, they seem to be completely blind to the fact. Then they are shocked when their ratings and circulation numbers keep going down, while the numbers of those that do not engage in this lunacy continues to rise.
CNN isn't the only organization with a sign on its back that says "Kick Me".

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Logic Lifeline on Vacation

The world will need to go for a week without a logic life line. I will be back next week to offer more logical commentary on human events. Wish I could write about Gorelick's Wall, as I think the Hillary presidency just went down the drain. We'll see if the MSM can recover from this one. I see they are already trying to move on quickly, but the blogosphere will do their best to hold their feet to the fire.

I guess only one other thing might save Hillary. There were many willing to fall on their sword for Bill. Will Ms. Gorelick be willing to fall on her sword for Hillary? It won't be enough to let Reno take the fall since the Clinton's picked her.

Anyway, eager to see where it goes but eager for R&R.

Update: I guess there is an internet hotspot where I am at, so I may get to post after all.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This is your brain on drugs, Mick

Are we supposed to give serious attention to the political ravings of a man who's brain was fried long ago abusing drugs? When are the libs going to get it that a political agenda delivered by druggies, extremists, hate-mongers and crazed lunatics actually turn people from their message toward conservatism? The Stones will have a new song called "My Sweet Neocon" that criticizes Bush and his administration in an extremely vulgar way. It is obvious his drug ravaged brain cannot conceive of what a Neocon is, since Bush is not one. I guess he thought the lyrics would sound better. Mick, I'm sure your message rings loud and clear and makes perfect sense with fellow burnouts.

CNN has sign on back that says 'kick me'

In school there was always a joker that would tape a sign to someone's back that said 'kick me'. CNN has chosen to put the sign on its own back by agreeing to air the NARAL commercial known to be egregiously false. The choice to air a commercial from a fringe radical left group that has blatant falsehood is a new low for CNN. It is yet another episode in a long line of choices of major media outlets placing their own survival on the line in order to push an agenda. A news organization must have the trust of its viewers in order to survive. When it comes to news, viewers gravitate to sources they trust. This is evident in the decline of circulation and viewership numbers in many oulets while those like Fox News rise. The elite media, however, would rather be kicked.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

If you have to lie, you are likely in the wrong

Some commodities sell themselves and one such commodity is truth. Those who seek to convince that their cause is right and just need only to adorn their arguments with truth. We might expect shady and extreme groups like NARAL to use falsehood as its weapon of choice, so we are not surprised to see that they are completely misrepresenting John Roberts in an ad that depicts Roberts siding with abortion clinic bombers. Even which I tend to see as left leaning readily points out that NARAL is out and out lying.

By showing an abortion bombing victim from 1998 and claiming that a ruling Roberts made in 1991 concerning blocking abortion clinics (not bombing them) is an outrageous distortion of the truth. The blockade issue wanted to use the Klu Klux Klan Act of 1871 to keep pro-life demonstrators from even demonstrating on clinic property.

Liberal groups have had no problem with extreme left groups blocking access to nuclear sites, lying on train tracks to prevent moving nuclear material, lying in the street and preventing economic commerce and free movement, and throwing paint on fur coats, etc. Yet they always seek to block the freedom of conservatives to speak and demonstrate. When Roberts rules in a fashion that any fair and level-headed judge would do, they try to align him with murderers.

No self respecting media source would give them a forum or give them a microphone to spread continued lies. We'll see which ones do.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Has Carville gone . . . sane?

It appears the usually rabid James Carville has had a lucid moment. In a discussion with Imus, Carville painted a very realistic picture of the likely events that transpired at the NY Times regarding the Plame case. The likely story is that Miller who has been in jail almost 6 weeks is actually protecting herself and not some un-named source. Her editors also likely know the truth here and may also be asked to testify, with similiar consequences if they don't. He asks if this is going to be a 1st or 5th amendment issue. If it is a 5th amendment issue, he says the Times "to some extent is going to have to come clean." The obvious has already been stated before: no rational person at this point would stay in jail to protect Rove as a source. Logically, it can only be a different embarrassing source or herself that she protects with her stint in the pokey.

With Carville, you must enjoy these moments of sanity when they come. The last I recall was when he put the garbage can over his head.

The best anti-terror ideas come after an attack

The Brits are considering charging Muslim clerics with treason if they incite violence or praise suicide attacks. It is amazing how clearly people think right after they are attacked by terrorists. Ideas such as right/wrong, good/evil, friend/enemy leave the fuzzy recesses of the mind and come to the forefront crystal clear: but sadly only for a little while. The US already forgets 9/11 with its evil and sorrow unleashed on 3000 innocents and their families.

Many have warned about the dangers of new attacks and what steps may be taken to try to prevent them, but they are resisted. So we will be warned and warned and then when it happens a few more times we will take the steps being proposed today. Only after losing many more innocent lives will we do what needs to be done.

This is because there is a constant spewing of foolishness and the media happily provides a microphone to these fools. Only after an attack are they silent for a short time, knowing if they speak that the people will connect the dots between the foolishness and the fools. They must try to preserve their credibility for the next round. During that brief moment of silence the wise can push forward what needs to be done without being drowned out by the fools.

Why wait until then. Shore up the security gap in our borders. Deport or lock up those in our country sprewing this hatred and encouraging death. Stop wasting time searching 90 year old white women and focus on those overwhelmingly more likely to commit a terrorist act. Those with clear heads must drown out the fools, but the effort is worth it as it will save lives.

Here is the link

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Relief: no Kursk repeat

The world breathes a collective sigh of relief that the Kursk submarine episode was not repeated. The US and UK were notified right away of the subs trouble giving the British time to sent equipment to cut the cables holding the sub captive. Kudos to the Brits for their success and kudos to the Russians for swallowing their pride this time. Hopefully no country, not even the US will ever consign any to death because they are too proud to accept help from another.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Yahoo indisputable bias

This is perhaps one of the most clear cut case of bias I have seen in the media. There is the story of Robert Novak walking off the set being reported. Ok, he did it and that action is fair game and perhaps newsworthy. Then Yahoo in addition to the story wants to add a picture to it on their website. I am sure there is not a shortage of pictures of Novak out there. Which picture do they select to add to the story? This one. It is a picture of Novak with Karl Rove.

What possible reason could they have for selecting a picture with somebody else, much less Karl Rove? The only logical reason Yahoo would be to take an unprofessional action on Novak's part and link it in people's mind with Rove due to the Valerie Plame link. It was a cheap shot and the bias cannot be denied.

Yet another media outlet taking a credibility hit. I guess their agenda is more important than their reputation.

NY Times needs to look in the mirror

The NY Times needs to take a good look at herself in the mirror and see how utterly ridiculous she is looking lately. The Grey Lady is shedding all semblance of impartiality like clothes on a hot summer day. They have stooped so low in their bitter political anguish that they are aggressively and openly searching the adoption records of John Roberts two children.

As divorcing couples have used their own children as pawns to hurt each other or gain the upper hand, the NY Slimes will seek to use the Roberts kids. When Clinton told the media that Chelsea was off-limits to the media, I am sure the water carriers at the Times obeyed. However, they perceive Roberts as a conservative and it does not matter what lengths they must stoop, they will do so.

There should be a wave of mass revulsion against this, because the face in the mirror is leprous.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Will the real traitor stand up

If a group of people decided to start an organization for the sole purpose of destroying the US. They would not really care if the US crumbled from within or was militarily defeated by a foreign country or completely destroyed by terrorist acts. If they worked to pass laws or reverse laws to attain the end. If they used the courts to reak havoc with any law or policy designed to protect the country. If they did this and other things designed at the ultimate weakening and destruction of our country, would we be able to tell the difference between them and the ACLU? I doubt if I could. Watching the ACLU is like reading a blueprint for US annihilation, all under the guise of doing something good. Where the country can understand the concept of a "front for the mafia" or a "front for a terrorist cell", they seem to be reluctant to identify the "front for a treasonist group" like the ACLU.

In short, their latest is a lawsuit against the already weakened, politically correct searches in the subway. We can't have even the lamest policy on the offchance they might keep a terrorist from his plan of destruction, can we?

Next time the media claims to care about kids we'll believe them, right?

The next time the media reports on how some Republican politician is hurting kids by doing or not doing something, we'll take them seriously, right? We'll look at their track record and see how much they care about the children and cheer their tireless battle for the innocent. Or will we?

Looking at their track record will probably reveal just that: they usually only champion the kids when they can skewer a conservative at the same time. But when one of their own embezzles money earmarked for inner city youth clubs, the media is silent. The Great Left Hope - Air America did just that, embezzling over $600,000 from Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club and one of its affiliates, Pathways for Youth to keep themselves alive.

Air America points out that it was the former chairman that did it, and the media says, "Oh, then there's no story here" and continue their search for the next GOP gotcha. Because attention to this story may severely damage the leftist radio network, as usual they justify it by claiming "the greater good" prevails.

If funds had been diverted to the Boy Scouts, Fox News or some pro-life group there would be weeks of headlines and commentary even if the previous guy had already resigned. It is just another neon sign to the common people that you cannot trust the mainstream media at all. Their credibility meter is also on zero and flashing. The next time they do a story about how children are being harmed by conservative policies there should be a collective gag across the country.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

And the bellwether goes to the GOP

The media set themselves up again claiming that the Schmidt-Hackett race in Ohio would be a bellwether for the next two election cycles in Ohio. It looks promising, then for the GOP as Schmidt has defeated Hackett. MSNBC goes with the next best thing claiming it was a close election. I have never considered 52/48% a close election, but I'm sure they want to continue to delegitamize all GOP victories at the least. At best I am sure they want to picture it close enough to start whispering about voter fraud. I think it is time for the media to start reporting the news instead of their fantasies.

Wash-Post now criticizes Bush's vacationing

They have criticized his faith, policies, cabinet choices, judge nominations, exercising, the way he talks, the way he walks, the way he looks, his choice of friends, his choice of advisors, his sleeping habits, his cowardice, his bravado, his turning D.C. from the party town under Clinton to ho-hum, etc., etc, etc. Now they are criticizing his "vacationing". He is about to spend the most time vacationing at his ranch than any other prior president. Somehow they think he can't do his presidential duties from Crawford, Tx. even though the communications are there to do so. He has spent alot of this time entertaining world dignitaries, hosted his cabinet for special meetings, signed bills into law and performed other presidential duties at his ranch.

With 2 war-fronts, threats from several other countries, the constant threat of local terror, an obsessively hostile media, the Senate acting like school children and the continued attempts to manufacture a scandal out of thin airBush probably needs more vacation time than other presidents have.

The Wash-Post article even disdains how he spends his vacation: chopping cedar and mountain biking on rough terrain even in 100 degree weather. The burning thought that jumps to my mind is that Clinton took less vacation than Bush, and spent lots and lots of time in the Oval office. I think most people would rather have Bush's working vacations than Clinton's vacationing work.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

FBI writes politically correct guidelines for Enron type arrests

So as not to offend the capitalist community, the FBI has written strict guidelines for arresting Ken Lay and others of his ilk. Here are some of the highlights:

  • If the subject is in the middle of a social dinner, wait until the guests have left before the arrest so as not commit a social faux paux
  • If using cameras take care not to film any females in the home that might have on a mud mask with cucumber slices on their eyes
  • Make sure you have a calling card to give to the butler before proceeding with the arrest
  • Refrain from touching 'holy' objects such as today's copy of the Wall Street Journal or the latest Barons
  • If he is drinking a martini, wait until he is done before making him do the perp walk
OK, OK that was all made up, but sadly this Worldnetdaily story is not. Apparently in the England's county of Bedfordshire the police have come up with politically correct guidelines for raids on Muslim houses. They are not to wear shoes in the house especially in places that might be designated for prayer. They are to avoid bringing cameras so that they don't accidentally capture females in less than modest apparel. If occupants are in the middle of prayer, they should be allowed to finish. They should refrain from entering bedrooms or bathrooms at night. There are others just as ridiculous. They seem to assume that the target will see their kow-towing and come along quietly, instead of hiding in bedrooms or running out the door while the police hurry to put their shoes back on before giving chase. And what wild AlJazeera type falsehoods will be told without cameras to tell the real story of what happened. Watch for claims of raping their wives and daughters or flushing the Quran.

Imagine the reaction if the first part of my post were the actual story.

Logical conclusion - media prefers wrong to right

When you look at the good habits and principles in George Bush's life and how the media reacts to them, what possible conclusion can you draw other than the media prefers wrong to right.


- Does not hide the fact that he is a man of faith and incorporates his faith daily
- Says he will do something and actually does it
- Is led by principle instead of polls
- Faithfully exercises on a regular basis, keeping in great shape
- Displays great love and affection for his wife and is faithful to her

If we were talking about an average person on the street, most people would say the person had some admirable traits and habits. Yet the media obsesses over these items and casts them in a bad light every chance they get. Compare Bush to Clinton on these items and where Clinton fell short on all of these items the media was a staunch defender for him. We have one leader who (politics aside) sets a great personal example, and a previous leader who set a terrible example at nearly every turn during his presidency. Yet the media cannot even bring themselves to give Bush an ounce of credit for this without spinning into something bad.

Logical conclusion the media we are asked to trust prefers wrong to right.

Monday, August 01, 2005

A recess from Kindergarten

After a period of serious activity in Kindergarten, the kids get to have recess. George Bush gave the Senate a recess from their Kindergarten activities by giving John Bolton a recess appointment to the UN. After the Dems have given no thought to the stature of the Senate for several years, John Kerry claims Bush "diminishes John Bolton's validity" by going around the professional "walls". After 'wild eyed' labeling of every Bush nomination with the worst superlatives in the book, the Dems are suddenly worried about dignity. Bush added to Bolton's dignity by removing the process from a body bent on children's antics.

Kerry futher embarrasses himself by saying of the appt. "It's a devious maneuver that evades the constitutional requirement of Senate consent". Why don't they ever say of activist judges that their rulings are "a devious maneuver that evades the constitiutional requirement of the legislative branch legislating"?

Once again Bush shows he is willing to do what he believes in his core is right, regardless of any accompanying controversy. This move will send a clear message to the UN that the US is serious about demanding reform.

Helen Thomas all dish, no take

The arrogance of the media appears to be bottomless as displayed by Helen Thomas. Thomas has been a bitter partisan hack for years in the White House press corp. Every nuiance of GOP statements are attacked, dissected and thrown out for political fodder and that is fine in her book. Now the crusty windbag rants about her disgust at the thought of Dick Cheney running for President claiming she would kill herself over it. I'm sure Cheney was thinking, "where do I sign?"

Now that her statements were picked up by a fellow reporter and printed, she doesn't like the bitter pill she's dished out for decades. She whines, "We all say stuff we don't want printed."
She doesn't stop to think about all the private conversations of politicians picked up by reporters and printed (such as Bush privately calling somebody a 'major league *@$#@!&%'). I am sure she is fine with that and other cases. I am sure she thinks reporters should be immune from the low assaults they put on politicians.

Actually, since reporters take such an active role in shaping public opinion, I think they should be given the same white glove inspection the politicians get. Now that every presidential press conference looks like a shark feeding frenzy, the public should know what kind of people these press corp. are. What are their political leanings? Who do they donate to? What is their military record? Did they take drugs or have any drunk driving charges in their past?

Those like Helen can only dish it out, though, and can't take it.