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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Internet pressure on Majority Leader choice

With the House Majority Leader open, Internet conservatives are looking to make sure a good choice is made. With charges of corruption in the air, conservatives want to ensure the right steps are taken to clearly prevent any further issues. Internet conservatives are not simply performing damage control as one skeptic posted, but want to see the GOP set stronger anti-corruption rules and guidelines. I for one am not simply content with the blogosphere showing the hypocrisy of Democrats who are also embroiled with Abramoff. I want to see strong leadership and policies that make it harder to get involved in these activities.

The Truth Laid Bear blog has a sign up pressuring the GOP to make sure the next leader is fully checked out to make sure there is no taint of corruption.

The National Review Online is going a step further and naming a recommendation: John Shadegg. Shadegg is viewed by NRO as "... the right man to clean house and restore the GOP majority to its core principles. " The best part of their endorsement is the following:
"Shadegg is a member of the class of 1994 who never lost the conservative, reformist spirit of that watershed year. He voted against No Child Left Behind, and, more recently, against the prescription-drug bill."
While I don't know enough to give a full endorsement, he sounds good to me from the NRO write-up. I have predicted this year will be a year the blogosphere will flex its muscles. I hope there is a strong impact that gets the GOP back on track to keep the movement going in the right direction. It's not enough that the Dems are a radical group of losers, either.


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